Wednesday, January 19, 2022

No-Sew, No-Hem, Barbie Top, Free Pattern

Back in 2018 I bought a Sparkle Girlz outfit to see if it fit Barbie, and wrote a review here. The top looked like an easy project, so I used it to sketch a quick pattern. My fabric is an old t-shirt, and I glued on the trim for the neck/shoulder straps, making this a no-sew project. And since the t-shirt material doesn't fray, it's another idea for my no-hem series of projects here on the blog. You could use ribbon if you don't have any fancy trims in your stash, although I will say, you can even find fun sewing trims at Dollar Tree occasionally. 

The pattern, cut one:

The cute pom-pom sewing trim I found at Dollar Tree:

✂What I did:
  1. Cut one from fabric. 
  2. I used about 5 1/2" of sewing trim as the front upper edge of the shirt and the shoulder straps. The original uses about 1 1/2" across the top of the front, and the straps are from ribbon.
  3. Glue/sew trim to top of shirt (start at center) and fold over shoulders, glue/sew to dots on the pattern. Making sure not to twist the straps. 
  4. Option: Glue/sew trim to bottom edge of shirt. 
  5. Glue/sew velcro to back for closure.
  6. Done! One cute top that took about 20 minutes to make😎
The outfit I started with:

Barbie says a girl can never have too many cute tops😉

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

$1 Valentine's Sequin Hearts =Barbie Handbags or Throw Pillows

Well folks, I heard it was going to happen, and this week it did... Dollar Tree has officially increased pricing in Philly to $1.25. Not the end of the world, but I do have to admit, it did take a little of the fun out of shopping there. I think these little sequin hearts may have been my last $1 purchase. What can we do with them? These puffy sequin hearts come in red, pink, hot pink and a really funky multi pink/teal/aqua, purple color. Two ideas came to mind immediately, I love this little clutch purse. Simply glue a silver or gold bead onto it to mimic the clasp-done. 

It can become a shoulder bag by gluing or sewing on a ribbon strap.

And the no-brainer idea is...
Using them as an accent throw pillow or two.
Cute in the livingroom or bedroom.

What I bought:
They had star and unicorn shapes too.

~Grab the seasonal items before they're gone,
and have a happy day😉

Monday, January 10, 2022

Hooded Poncho or Cape for Barbie -Free Pattern DIY

Have you noticed Mattel doesn't make many coats or cold weather gear for Barbie? Let's warm that girl up a bit... I sketched a quick pattern for a two piece hooded poncho, with an even easier option to make it a cape if preferred:@) This is a cute craft that comes together in minutes, and recycling an old, well-worn sweatshirt means not having to worry about fraying or hems. And it only calls for one or two seams, so it's a nice beginner sewing project for kids too. The front of the poncho is sewed closed, the cape would drape over the shoulders with the front remaining open, it can be tied closed or secured with a button at the neck.

I'm a sucker for fun sewing trims,
 this fringy brown embellishment is from the thrift store😎
I'm thinking you could make the ponchos from felt too,
although that fabric might be a little stiff.

The pattern:

What I did, backstitching seams, 1/4" seam allowance:
  • Fold fabric in half, cut two pieces. I used the fuzzy/bumpy inside of the sweatshirt as the outside of my poncho.
  • With right sides together sew up back and around top of hood.
  • If making poncho, sew up from bottom front to under hood/neck. Turn right side out. Make two cuts up each side of the front so the doll's arms are free to move. I'd make my cuts a little closer to the sides next time. Add fancy trim if desired, mine is glued on.
  • If making cape, turn right side out, glue or sew 12" ribbon to center back of hood to tie closed around neck. Or sew on button and cut small button hole on other side.
  • No sew option: I'm sure you could glue the seams as an easy option.

Barbie says, let's all stay warm this winter...

And have a happy day⛄

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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Barbie items at Dollar Tree and 1:6 Scale after Christmas finds at Walmart

It looks like Dollar Tree is sporadically getting some more Mattel branded Barbie items. Character clothes packs, $5 at Walmart, so as always, a great deal! You can see the shoe/handbag accessory packs peeking in on the left too...

More examples of available items, several varieties and colors,
all at the same store:

And I was tickled to see all of the pink at Dollar Tree!!!
How about making a fun girly cake ~just because😉
Actually, they had pink sprinkles and colored sugar at Christmas too, 
maybe you got some?

I found a few fun 1:6 scale things on after Christmas clearance at Walmart up to 90% off.
And that pink bottle brush tree...
It might just get decorated for Valentine's Day for Barbie's livingroom.

Cute baskets, they can be kitchen wall art,
or I already took the sign off of one to use as a basket.

One lonely cupcake ornament for 9¢, a good size for a Barbie cake.
And this makes ornament #9. 

Wanted to mention,
 I happened to see these 1:6 scale skate boards in the Valentine's isle,
4 for $1 at Walmart. Great for Ken doll play,
I might have to go back and get a pack...

Ha, ha, cute!!!

Well folks, that's about it for today.
~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day😉

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

DIY Ruffle Shirt Extenders for Barbie

I saw an ad for shirt extenders and thought that could be a fun Barbie craft. There are many options for the fabric or material that can be used, and the idea is to create the illusion of a loose or flowing under shirt for layering. I used ruffles for mine. Each ruffle was approximately 2 1/4" wide, and I only needed about 4" in length. The back can be secured with a tab of velcro, a snap, or simply use a little tape that will get covered by the shirt. And of course you could sew any fabric you'd like into a 'slip' with elastic at the waist. These extenders can be cut to size for standard or curvy Barbie, simply wrap around the doll's waist for fit.
This new doll ~loves~ the camera! Mini hair makeover here.

The white cotton ruffle is more solid,
the black one is lacier and lighter.

These shirt extenders work well with less bulky pants, 
luckily there seems to be no shortage of yoga pants or leggins for Barbie these days...

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Headband Earmuffs for Barbie from Recycled Bottle Ring & Pom-Poms

These headband earmuffs just might be the easiest "craft" in the history of Barbie projects folks... They only require the ring from a plastic bottle, a couple pom-poms, and some hot glue-done! This is one of those silly little projects that's fun for sleepovers or birthday parties, the girls can pick out their favorite color(s). I used 1/2" pom-poms, and can see girls color coordinating them with the doll's outfit (but of course white goes with everything, especially if you have a few dolls to dress:@) 

A note about which bottle ring to use:
I tried this with a thinner water bottle ring, and while it worked, it didn't fit snuggly.
I ended up using a sturdier ring from a bottle of vinegar.
Pom-poms can be found anywhere from craft stores, to Walmart, to Dollar Tree.

Barbie says, let's all stay warm this winter😎

And have a happy day!

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Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year from Barbie and Ken!!!

Let's all raise a glass to a 
Happy and Healthy 2022!

~DIY Barbie Blog Wishes You a Happy New Year~

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Top Three Most Popular DIY Barbie Posts

I'd like to start this recap with my personal favorite post of the year. If you've been around my two blogs for a while you know I ~love~ football season! The third floor of the doll house was turned into a fan cave, and Barbie and Ken had a Super Bowl Party. I've been adding short stories to the blog here and there, and it's been fun😊

Reader's choice from the stats:

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to stop by,
your visits mean a lot to me!
Happy New Year Everyone,
I wish you all the best in 2022😊

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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Barbie's Theme'd Christmas Party 2021

Barbie and Ken decided to have a small holiday gathering this year, so they sent out invitations to some close friends for a Theme'd Christmas Party... Barbie thought it might be fun if couples were encouraged to wear matching outfits. While in real life guys might grumble a bit at such an idea... The Kens seemed to be on-board and willingly dressed up:@) Some wore ~very~ formal wear, while others... Well, others were a bit more playful, while sticking to the dress code of course...

Ken straightens a few ornaments on the tree from Cousin Rube's farm before the guests arrive.
Barbie's having a little sip in anticipation of a fun evening...

Appetizers were served as the guests arrived.
(Ken's best 'don't hate me because I'm beautiful' pose...)

Jazzy instrumental Christmas music played all evening,
which encouraged a little holiday dancing...

And of course there's one in every crowd...
~Someone~ took the opportunity to be a little silly...

He wanted all the girls to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas...

✂Details and DIY Links:
Barbie's trip to the Christmas tree farm, Part 1 and Part 2
Ken's tux=Christmas gift (thanks Ma:@), plaid dress is a thrift store rescue
Appys=Christmas gift, my son gave me a big bag of doll food goodies😎

DIY Barbie Blog hopes ~you~ had a little silly fun this holiday season too!
Have a happy day🎅

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