Sunday, March 26, 2023

Recycled Candy Container Bunny Ears Hairband for Barbie

Last year I made a quick Bunny Ears Visor for Barbie and while it is cute, it dawned on me that maybe everyone doesn't have a visor... So I turned it into a cute head wrap that goes around her head and holds Barbie's hair back. All this requires is a little ribbon (or yarn) and wa-la, here we have a super cute Easter hairpiece. 

Fits any Barbie,
Bubble Gum Pink Hair Curvy Fashionista is our model today.

✂What I did:
The stopper out of the package:

Cut the bottom off with sturdy shears. Scissors will work, but not as easily.

The shears I used, I do highly recommend getting a pair or two:

Cut two pieces of thin ribbon, about 20" long each.
Wrap one around lip of bottom of ears and tie in a knot. Push knot to side of ears.
Tie the second ribbon the same way, adjust knot to the other side of the ears.
Pull hair up, tie both sides of ribbon under hair to pull off sides of face.
Trim ends of ribbon as desired.
Adjust ears on top of doll's head.

Side pic to show ribbon under hair.

Some of the toppers I've seen:
There is also a cute green carrot topper at Dollar Tree.

Barbie says tuck the craft ideas away,
Easter will be here soon!

Let's recycle creatively and have a happy day🐰

Friday, March 24, 2023

18" Doll Milkshake Maker for Barbie Play-Target

My latest suggestion for 18" doll accessories that are actually better scaled to Barbie play is this cute milkshake maker. It's from Target's Our Generation series. It's a perfect retro aqua/light blue color, with a generously sized strawberry milkshake. Did I get one? Um... Not yet. Even though I opened up the whole bottom floor of the dollhouse for the kitchen, the space fills up fast:@)

All included items (pic from Target's site):
And I understand the cup does spin when on the machine.
Grab it when you see it and have a happy day:@)

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Thrift Store Silver S&P Souvenirs as Barbie Kitchen Props

I stopped at the thrift store and found a little bag of silver salt and pepper shakers for $1.99. They were souvenir collectibles, marked Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. The state plaques were missing from some of them and the raised markings on the bottom of the pots say made in Japan. I ended up with four teapot/coffee pots and two lidded beer steins. Ken says the steins will be fun for Oktoberfest:@)

They are all a good size for Barbie play and I immediately placed some 

Did I ~need~ them?
Well, no. I do have a ceramic set, but...
They were hard to pass up for $1.99.
And who knows, maybe I can sell a set so they'll end up free😎

Grab it when you see it,
and have a happy day😊

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Barbie Baby Carrier from Plastic Easter Egg Craft

As Easter approaches I like to look at those colorful plastic Easter eggs at the stores and try to think of crafts to make with them. This Barbie Baby Carrier turned out cuter than expected, and if you use some ribbon already in your stash, comes together in minutes. We like that kind of craft here at DIY Barbie Blog:@) Now, I will say this is an *adult only* craft because I did use a box cutter to make the leg holes. Please be careful, safety first! I'm sure there are other options for the holes, maybe folks could leave them in the comments... This carrier is made with the smallest plastic eggs, they are about 1 3/4" long.

✂What I did:
  1. Separate egg and very carefully begin to cut holes in the round end of the egg. These babysitter series babies have bent legs, you'll need a doll to make sure you can get it into the openings. Try to make the holes as large as you can, and as close to the "dot" in the center of the bottom as you can. 
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to run through each leg hole and go up around Barbie's neck. Approximately 20". Push ribbon through the hole openings and glue to outside sides of egg. I used hot glue. Suggestion: If your girl is really young, you might want to glue the ribbon that's on the inside of the egg to the back of the egg exposing the leg holes better.
  3. Use Barbie as guide, make ribbon go around her neck and tie a knot in ribbon. Trim ends of ribbon if needed or as desired.
  4. Place baby in carrier, put ribbon around Barbie's neck, fix her hair of course😉, and now Barbie is ready to run some errands with baby.
Leg holes:

Finished carrier:
(Push ribbon to inside back of egg to add baby.)

Two other baby carrier crafts:

Cute as a bunny!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐰

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

2016 RePlay: Recycled K-Cup St. Patrick's Day Barbie Hat

Looking for a quick little St. Pat's craft project for the kids? Here's a re-post from 2016 on Happier Than A Pig In Mud for some holiday fun:

I'm always trying to think up k-cup crafts and this fun little "green" Recycled K-Cup St. Patrick's Day Hat for Barbie can be as fancy or simple as you'd like. I took the simple road:@) Why not pull out a bunch of green, gold and orange buttons, stickers, trim, Sharpies, glitter, etc and let the kids create a one of a kind holiday hat for their doll(s). This is a good project for boys too, the hats can be used on action figure dolls as well as Barbie and Ken. The hats can be silly and fun...

Or just a little more traditional.
Either way they are cute and festive, and a great way to repurpose k-cups.

Is your girl more into 18" dolls?
Simply add some thin elastic for around the doll's chin,
or glue onto a headband,
and turn this into a little fascinator hat.
Maybe add a felt brim too.

 And Barbie says: 
On St. Patrick's Day everyone wants to be pinch proof😉

The cup can be a little large for Barbie, 
you might want to stuff a few cotton balls into it so it sits better on her head.
🍀Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Barbie Skirted Leggings Look from Ribbon -Quick St. Patrick's Day DIY

While I made this over skirt for leggings from a St. Patrick's Day theme'd check print, the skirted leggins idea can be used year-round with any print, color, or design desired. Last year I used this ribbon as a quick shawl, this just expands the idea a little further to the skirt. Barbie doesn't want to get pinched after all:@) The idea is, this is not a finished garment, it's intended to be a quick wink and nod to add a holiday look. St. Pat's is perfect since the parties and parades can be good silly fun.

✂What I did:
Cut a piece of 2.5" wired ribbon twice as wide as the doll's waist.
I used pinking shears to help with fraying.
Pull each end of the wire to tighten the waist around the doll.
Simply twist the wire closed to hold skirt on doll.
Trim wire and shape skirt.
I left the open side on the back,
it can be front or side.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🍀

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Easter Egg Car Racer as Barbie Baby Stroller

These egg racers have been in the stores at Easter forever. Last year I picked one up on end of season clearance for pennies because I thought it would make a cute baby stroller or toy. They come with stickers and kids can decorate them with sharpies and paint too. They can be turned into strollers or pull toys by tying a little yarn to the knob on front.

The Babysitter series of babies fits in the car too.

This year's version and characters at Walmart.

This is a baby from the 2021 summer color reveal series.
💗Love the pacifier😊

🐣Let's repurpose something just for fun,
and have a happy day🐰

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Glamorous Barbie Top from Dollar Store Scrunchie -No Sew

Bling always catches my eye and I had to stop in my tracks when I saw some satiny scrunchies with a gem embellishment at Dollar Tree. The scrunchie is just wide enough to provide coverage as a Barbie halter top, and a piece of ribbon adds the wrap around waist. This can be a two minute hot glue project ~or~ a little more involved, depending upon how detailed you'd like to make it. I've also given it both the sewing and no-sew labels, you can make it any way you'd like. I used hot glue:@)

✂What I did:
Run a piece of ribbon through the loop behind the gem.
Wrap ribbon around doll's waist, overlap ends, and cut to size.
Add Velcro to each end of ribbon for closure.

Then I glued the scrunchie together over the bling a bit,
wanted to make sure I adequately covered her chest.
Same on the sides,
I stretched the scrunchie wide and glued each side to the waist ribbon.
Again just trying to cover her chest.

The scrunchie I started with:

Now Barbie's ready for any festive occasion😉

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

I'm Joining:

Friday, February 24, 2023

If Barbie was an Easter Peeps...

Ha, saw these at Walmart and they cracked me up...

Lots of pink goodness😎

Peeps Barbie says,
let's straighten our tiara...
And have a happy day🐰
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