Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Mother's Day Weekend from DIY Barbie Blog!

 Here's wishing ~every~ nurturing caregiver
the Happiest of Mother's Day Weekends!

We here at DIY Barbie Blog
hope you enjoy your special dayπŸ’—

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Outside of the box... Upcycled Ken Bracelet from Recyclables (Barbie)

The idea behind this post is not to show how to make a Ken bracelet from packaging headed to the recycling bin... But ~it is~ about looking at items to see what else they might be. My favorite projects take something headed to the trash can and using it in a fun way for doll play. This male doll bracelet is just that! This little plastic clip came as protection for an on/off button. As soon as I took it off I saw a doll bracelet! It was a little too wide for Barbie and Curvy Barbie, didn't even fit them as an ankle bracelet... But it did fit Ken, and especially if you have a broad Ken. I only needed to find a bead that fit inside the hole. I'll continue to look for a really cool bead, but for now, Ken says this gold one matches his shirt just fine:@)

The plastic clip around the button of lighted tweezers:

Ready to be embellished,
just needs a bead and a little glue.
Or maybe a graphic of a wristwatch faceπŸ˜‰

Let's look at things creatively,
and have a happy day😎

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Barbie Bathing Suit Top from Ribbon and Beads -DIY

One of the fun garments in my grab bag from the thrift store was a Mattel bathing suit top that had some bead accents, just a pretty little touch that really added to the look:@) So I thought we'd make our own for the blog. Super simple, it only requires a small amount of ribbon, but you'll need to aim for 7/8" to 1" width for ample coverage. There weren't many options in my stash for that size ribbon, so I used this neutral tan color. This top can be made to fit standard or curvy Barbie, simply wrap the ribbon around the doll you want to dress. My contribution is, instead of adding a few accent beads, I used my wire necklace method to secure the top around the doll's neck. I'm sure Barbie would agree, the more bling, the better:@)

✂What I did:
*This is simply an embellishment of my ribbon bathing suit with picture tutorial post HERE.
  1. Wrap ribbon around her chest, over lap in back so you can add velcro, cut ribbon.
  2. Hot glue velcro to each side.
  3. Cut a piece of wire long enough to go from center front of top, up around doll's neck. *Complete necklace tutorial HERE.
  4. Wrap the wire around the center front of the top to gather it. I had a flower bead, so I added that as an embellishment.
  5. String beads on each side.
  6. Create little loops in the wire when beads go all the way up and behind her neck.
  7. Dress doll, shape the beads a little and bend/secure around her neck.
  8. Done!
A pic with my inspiration piece:

Barbie says,
while we may have had a cool mild spring...
Summer and hot weather will be here before we know it.
Let's have some summer gear ready to wearπŸ˜‰

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Barbie says it's spring!!!

Just wanted to pop in to say, we're still here! We acknowledge that DIY Barbie Blog has been quiet recently but we've been busy installing a new raised bed garden. A very (large) exciting project indeed:@) We'll be back with new posts, ideas, store sightings, projects and ~pink~ recipes in the near future. Until then...

We hope that you too,
are enjoying early spring and accomplishing
all of the little projects that come with it!

We'll see you soon😎

Friday, April 15, 2022

Barbie On-Trend! Spotted at Walmart...

I had to chuckle while shopping at Walmart recently, they were just beginning to put summer clothes out and the print on the leisure outfit below jumped out to me right away... Barbie has clothes in the exact same print! I believe my Barbie's outfit is a combination of the bottoms from a Dream Barbie doll, and the top from a tropical fashion pack. But the outfit works, and she looks very comfortable to me:@)

What I found at Walmart:

My outfit's origins:

Barbie says, don't forget the sunscreen,
think warm thoughts and,

Have a Happy Day😎

Monday, April 11, 2022

Egg Planter & Barbie Crafts Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Let's use some of those colorful plastic Easter eggs for more than just hiding candy, shall we? I've seen different planter ideas for Barbie play and dioramas, and thought I'd whip one up for the blog. My contribution to the idea, using a shiny metallic 'prize' egg. I think that gives it a more grown-up, modern look. You could use any size egg, this is the standard 2 1/4" size. Simply cut the egg in half, flip the sides upside down and hot glue together. You can use either side for the plant stand.

I also gathered a few ideas from the archives.
All are cute little projects that come together quickly, 
and that baby carrier is sure to make the kids smile:@)

We made some Bunny Ear Hats for Chelsea:

And a cake dome from a clear egg:

Make something just for fun and have a Happy Easter🐣

I'm Joining:

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Pink Jello 'Deviled' Eggs -Barbie Theme'd Easter

As soon as I saw the box, I couldn't resist whipping up some pretty pink Jello Deviled Eggs for Easter. Both Walmart and Dollar Tree had the Starburst Strawberry Jello, and the color is just perfect for a girly, Barbie Theme'd Easter treat:@) The only special item you need is, the jiggler egg mold. I found mine at the thrift store for $1 a couple years ago. Now... You'll notice my eggs broke this time, yep, they didn't come out of the mold in one piece. But Barbie says, no worries, simply cut a little off of each end and stand the half eggs up, instead of laying down like traditional deviled eggs. It all tastes the same:@)

Vintage instructions:

Topping -We have choices:
  • Add a dollop of whipped cream or whipped topping. (Honestly, the whipped topping is easiest and kids love it.)
  • Or beat 2 oz softened cream cheese with 1/4 C powdered sugar, and 1/4 tsp vanilla, pipe some onto each egg.
  • Or, top with Brach's white chocolate star, this is the first time I've seen them at Walmart-see below.
  • Optional-Add sprinkles to topping right before serving.

The Brach's Stars:

My inspiration:

And of course, you could make a whole rainbow of Jello eggs.
For obvious reasons, I stuck to pinkπŸ˜‰

Make something just for fun, and have Happy Eastertime🐰

I'm Joining:

Monday, April 4, 2022

Barbie Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Cousin Rube's Farm -2022 Diorama

As Cousin Rube's life long dream, Peace and Pancakes Farm, continues to grow (literally:@), the activities revolve around the seasons and holidays. This weekend they featured their main Easter event, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, and everyone had a great time! 

Picnic tables were set up all around the barn to serve as many people as possible.
There were donuts and pastries in addition to all the pancakes you could eat.

Rube made sure there were plenty of bunnies for picture opportunities.

The cook was busy flipping pancakes for hours!
But did take time to stop out to chat and make sure everyone was enjoying their meal.

They had a mini petting zoo for the kids too.
We happened to have a ~very~ sunny warm spring day...

So much to see for curious little eyes...

The free-range peeps and chickens were very popular...
Kids could toss chicken feed and watch the flurry of activity.

It was a long tiring day,
but the event was a huge success!
Cousin Rube truly appreciates the community's support😊
And he wishes everyone a wonderful Eastertime,
with an abundance of...
Peace, love, and pancakes.

πŸ₯Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐰

I'm Joining:

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Spotted at Walmart -Barbie Finds Easter 2022

Wanted to mention a few things I saw at Walmart this morning that would be fun for the kid's Easter baskets... While this Hot Wheels car isn't exactly Barbie branded (like the dream camper was last Christmas), it sure would be fun for girls! Love the pink wheels and great colors... 

But the best part is,
there's an actual bubble wand and reservoir for bubbles on the car!
I'm sure the idea is to wet the wand and push the car to make bubbles...
We'll test that out laterπŸ˜‰

They are in the big holiday displays in the middle of the isle.
Nice to see ~something~ is still under $1...

And there was a pallet of Barbie:

Of course pink eggs:@)

And this is the first time I've seen the Barbie pets Easter eggs this year,
so there were quite a few boxes still pretty full.

All of this in addition to the Easter items we talked about HERE.
Don't forget folks, Easter is April 17th this year, 
and while that may seem weeks away...

The bunny says,
It will be here before we know it🐰
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