Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Dollar Tree Alert! Totally Tiny Food

I was tickled to see Totally Tiny Food at Dollar Tree over the weekend. You only get two pieces per pack, but they are a great 1:6 scale and truly realistic looking, right down to a pat of butter on the toast:@) I threw together a quick pic, they don't come with plates, just the food. Don't hesitate to get a couple packs, whether for diorama pictures, doll play, or to tuck away for Easter baskets (it's April 9th this year folks)...

The packs:
Series One has eggs with toast, a taco and churros, and bakery treats.
Tip: You can feel what's in the packs if your heart is set on a certain item.
I love the breakfast and tacoπŸ˜‰

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Two Pointed (Cat Ear) Hat for Barbie or Ken -Free Pattern DIY

These Two Pointed Hats for Barbie and Ken are super cute and you can whip a few up in no time. As with most things, what makes them special are the little touches, pom-poms, tassels or some baker string for ties. Use any fabric or recycled material that catches your eye, I've used a recycled sweatshirt and some team logo pajama material:@) Felt would work too.

Had to make an Eagles hat😎

The pattern:

✂What I did:
  1. Cut 2.
  2. Right sides together sew up one side, across top, down the other side. Leave the bottom opening unfinished.
  3. Snip points off of 'ears' above seam.
  4. Turn right side out, poke points with knitting needle, etc. to make them stand up.
  5. Finish hat with embellishments and sewing trim as desired. I used hot glue for my pom-poms and ties.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Barbie Fan Cave Update -Philadelphia Eagles -Dollhouse Renovation

I'm giving Ken's fan cave a little sprucing up since the Eagles are in the Super Bowl this year:@) I'm sure Barbie will want to have a party... This will be an on-going project right up to the big day! I still love the football pillows, they are a cute touch. These dollhouses really do get small fast, so seating is at a premium. In looking at this picture, I think I'd like to work on an L shaped couch to wrap around that corner. 

I added the egg chair that came with a Chelsea Tiki Hut playset
Since I didn't want to drill a hole in the ceiling (yet) 
I hung it from a chain and slipped the chain under the wooden foundation at the top. 

The egg chair before painting and covering the cushion:
Not quite team colorsπŸ˜„

Since it's a big pop of red, 
now I'm thinking I might(?) need new flooring...

Playing with a football napkin as a rug...

Hopefully I'll be able to take some pics in natural daylight.
That can be challenging this time of yearπŸ˜‰
But I wanted to share how the room is coming together.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎
Oh and, 

Monday, January 30, 2023

Our Generation Toys for Barbie Play -Popcorn Maker from Target

My latest suggestion for 18" doll toys that are better scaled for Barbie's world is this really cool old-time movie theater popcorn maker. It's from Target's Our Generation line. While the soda cup is a super-size, the maker and box of popcorn work well for 1:6 scale. This would be great in Barbie's kitchen, Ken's Fan Cave or at Uncle Rube's Farm Store. There is also a bar of chocolate, that's more sized as melting chocolate for making holiday bark or dipping. So as you can tell, it was money well spent for my doll blog:@) And a little tip, the box was torn and beaten up. I did ask for a discount, and while only 10%, it did save me a little.

There is a ton of detail in the popcorn maker.
The handle cranks turning the pot,
the door opens, and drawer pulls out.

What I bought:

Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

Friday, January 27, 2023

Barbie's Ready for an Eagles Football Party!!!

Barbie and Ken decided to have a few friends over for the Eagles vs San Fran football game on Sunday. They decorated the porch in team colors to show support for their Birds:@) And what party would be complete without balloons and festive lights! Barbie is all about the little details...

Catching someone's eye to open the door:

Ken brought his world famous meatballs...

And of course here in Philly...

Team gear is a requirement!!!
Gotta show your colors😎

Details and DIY's:
Wreath is a team pin with pipe cleaner embellishment
Door backdrop from Dollar Tree
Pinterest Boards: DIY Barbie  ~  Meatballs  ~  Eagles Football Fun

🏈Enjoy the game everyone, and...
GO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Stretchy Glove Sweater for Barbie or Ken Doll DIY

When I started making Barbie crafts back in 2013 the idea was to come up with quick, rainy day type ideas folks could make for, or with, their kids. Nothing fancy, just for fun. These sweaters from stretchy gloves are an example of that. They come together fairly quickly and can be made in tons of colors and designs. The one I made for Barbie was a turtle neck, I couldn't get that style over Ken's head... So he has a crew neck sweater.

My sweater has raw edges...
I purposely frayed the collar area a bit,
and will work on fraying the bottom too.
Is 'grunge' still a look?😎
And a bonus, the thumb can become a stocking cap!

Dollar Tree gloves:

Cut the very tips (the part that looks like a seam) off of the index and ring fingers.
This pic shows how the glove would look for a turtle neck (Barbie doll), Ken dolls have a bigger head, I ended up cutting the middle finger off completely.
Since I used larger men's gloves this time, I also cut the ribbed cuff off of the bottom.

Turn the glove inside out. 
The white yarn shows where you'll sew the side seams. Sew the seams, back stitching at the beginning and end. I did use a zig-zag stretch stitch.

Cut the excess sides off of the glove and turn right side out-done.
Now, your sweater can turn out much neater and more finished than mine, it's all a matter of how much time and patience you bring to the project. I just threw mine together and took some quick pics before work...

Back view:
~Stretch~ the thumb open to make the hat.

My first post with the sweater or tunic for Barbie HERE:

Make something just for fun...

And have a happy dayπŸ˜‰

Friday, January 20, 2023

Pink Girl Scout Cookies, Raspberry Rally -Barbie Party!

Did you hear the news? There's a new Girl Scout Cookie out this year, Raspberry Rally. It looks similar to a Thin Mint, but inside the chocolaty coating is a pink crispy raspberry flavored cookie. It looks like they are trying a new idea, you can place your order now with a Girl Scout and she will enter it on-line, and the cookies ship directly to your house. Details HERE. The idea is to further the entrepreneurial spirit and ecommerce skills of the girls. I'm sure the cookies are pretty darn good too:@)

Let's support our girls, try a new cookie, 
and have a happy dayπŸ˜‰

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Barbie Dollhouse Kitchen Renovation -Baby Steps...

One of my son's hobbies is wood working, and while he'd rather not work in 1:6 scale, every once in a while he humors me:@) The plan all along was to open up the entire bottom space of the dollhouse as a kitchen. Originally the right side was the bathroom. The issue was a partial wall between the two rooms that added structure and stability to the livingroom floor above. 

The original dollhouse:
Scroll up and down a bit...
Getting better?😎

He built me a shelving unit to take the place of the partial wall.
We got a little goofed up on measurements,
that's totally on me-yep.
But we're working on it,
and for now, that old thread spool adds needed stabilityπŸ˜‰
Actually, I might just add a little greenery to the top,
that would work-done!

One of the things that tickles me is,
he made the vertical slats/dividers adjustable.
So I can work around whatever items I put on the shelves.
I thought that was pretty clever!

The preliminary long view furniture setup:

From the other side:

Obviously I'm just getting started with layout,
but I ~love~ the larger space.
Also love the dedicated table and seating area.

The open shelves not only unify the space,
they help add light for pictures too.
Looking forward to making a curtain rod and kitchen curtains...

Next up:
Finish wall papering and flooring.
Then, I'm thinking about painting the 
table, pink shelving unit and island white...
And wish list: A light for over the table.
We'll see😏
So that's what's happening in my little Barbie world
here in the middle of January folks.
Thought you might like to see an update.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Ken Suspenders from 98¢ Valentine's Bracelets (Barbie Craft)

I saw some cute red and pink 98¢ party favor bracelets at Walmart and thought they might be fun for a little Valentine's Day Barbie crafting. The first thing that came to mind was suspenders for Ken, and I love the perfect scale. They can be attached with buttons or sewn directly onto to pants. While he may choose to not get super dressed up for the occasion, there is no denying Ken did put thought into Valentine's Day! Barbie's smitten:@)

What I did:
Super simple, just sew a few small buttons onto any pair of Ken pants.
Cut the bracelet apart at bottom of heart at bend in bracelet,
and loop the hole in the bracelet over the button.
The top bend from the packaging naturally falls at his shoulder.
You'll need to trim a couple hearts off of the back, 
then loop a hole through buttons on the back of the pants.

My inspiration:

Make something just for fun,
and have a happy dayπŸ’—

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