Monday, November 22, 2021

Dollar Tree Alert! Mattel Barbie Dreamtopia Accessory Pack Stocking Stuffers

Dollar Tree has some assorted Dreamtopia Accessory Packs, and Barbie says this tea party set is too cute, and just in time for holiday entertaining! These would be the small packs that usually sell for $3-$5, and are the perfect size for wrapping and slipping into Christmas stockings:@) I love the oversized serving tray and may pick up one more set simply to have another one of them. Charcuterie tray anyone??? Cute teapot with lots of sculptural detailing, I see some silver paint in its near future, that will be perfect. And while I thought I might paint the cake a bit, I decided I kinda like the pink frosting after all...

The set, there were two different color tea pots:

Two other options,
tiaras with necklace, and mod boots (quick pics in the store):

Today is the first time I saw these sets, 
that has me hopeful that a few more Mattel goodies ~might~ 
be trickling into Dollar Tree before the holidays...
Fingers crossed😎

Grab it when you see it and have a happy day😉

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Barbie's Thanksgiving 2021 -Ken Greets the Guests (and Ornament #4)

Barbie and Ken were excited to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and when folks asked what they could bring... Barbie's response was, whatever, and whoever, you'd like to, thank you! This created quite an eclectic mix of good friends, great food, and it was a holiday to remember:@) While Barbie was busy basting the turkey, Ken greeted the guests as they arrived...
Notoriously early, 
Barbie's best friend Midge arrives with the centerpiece, some extra chairs, 
and to see how she can help in the kitchen.

The girls that live down the block did some baking,
they brought apple pie and sugar cookies.

Cousin Rube has a fresh wreath and a bottle of homemade wine from the farm...
-Always welcome😎

The appys have finally arrived! A Crock Pot of meatballs.
As Ken bends in to kiss her cheek hello...
Yes folks, Ken really likes those meatballs!

Some already have their hands full,
and had a fruit tray delivered this morning.

And finally...
An old college buddy shows up unexpectedly.
~Maybe~ Barbie invited him as a surprise for Ken😉

✂Links to DIY crafts:

Basket of cut out sugar cookies = $1 thrift store Hallmark ornament dated 1994.
I was curious to see how many Christmas ornaments I could find in 2021 for Barbie props, 
this is #4. # 1 here, #2 and 3 here.

However you spend your Thanksgiving this year,
DIY Barbie Blog wishes you a peaceful day, and a full plate of good food!
I am truly thankful for your visits, 
enjoy the day:@)

Monday, November 15, 2021

Barbie Turtleneck Top and Skirt from $1 Socks -Easy Free Pattern

I saw a cute little sweater outfit at Walmart and thought it might translate into an easy Barbie craft... Add in a pair of Dollar Tree socks (Christmas clearance last year) and here we have a short sleeved turtleneck top and matching sweater skirt. This project only requires four seams, a couple cuts and about 15 minutes of your time:@) You could always hem the top and skirt too if desired. My favorite part is the fabulous turtleneck collar!

This was how it looked when I was done...
I decided the pink on the bottom of the shirt needed to be trimmed.
It looks much neater in the picture above.
As always, a solid or abstract pattern might be best so the design placement doesn't matter.
But overall, I think it turned out pretty well😉

What I did:
Skirt: Seams are pretty straight forward, pic on left. 
(After sewing the one on the right I decided I wanted the waist band to be a little tighter, 
that's why there are two seams shown.)
Top: Sew straight down the elastic band, 
come down ~below~ the band and sew at a right angle over to the sides.
Be sure to back stitch all seams.

Cut each piece as shown, and add a small arm hole on each side a little below the shoulder seams.

Hem bottoms if desired.
Turn right side out, push shoulder seams out to the sides creating right angles.
Dress doll, and smile!
This could be a fun sleepover craft
let the girls pick out their socks and then you can be a rock star and make the clothes😎
Or how about giving your girl a pair of socks and Barbie outfit that matches...

My inspiration:

Barbie says she loves this look...
It's great for work, play, or a holiday party!

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Christmas Barbie at Target 2021

It seems that Target occasionally gets exclusive(?) Barbie dolls. I'll just say I haven't seen them at Walmart or offered on Amazon... This year they have a Barbie Holiday Doll wearing a pink dress with ornaments, snowflakes and a candy cane striped garland print. They offer a blonde or brunette for $10, and I'd say these dolls are intended to be opened and played with, as opposed to the collectible series. 

I have seen this doll at the store, the outfit is a light pink, 
and the design is more muted than bright, with no glitter added. 
I love the curls on the brunette!

What can we tuck away as DIY blog inspiration from this year's offering?
The cute candy wrapper looking shoulder bow😊

I suggest getting it soon if you'd like to tuck one away for Christmas...
Things are going fast this year😦

Have a great weekend!
*All pictures from

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Barbie Wrap Skirt from Dollar Store 2.5" Ribbon -Free Pattern & Tutorial

I started making Barbie clothes from a Dollar Tree roll of plaid Christmas ribbon last year, and challenged myself to see how many garments I can come up with from that one roll:@) Today's idea is super simple, a very basic, wrap skirt that takes about 10 minutes to make. I also like that this idea only calls for five straight seams, making it a nice easy project for young sewers. Now, I will be honest folks, while I ~love~ plaid... I'd choose a solid color or ribbon with an abstract design on it instead. Plaid can sew-up a little wonky and if you're like me, it might bug you that the lines aren't always exactly straight. But as for the projects themselves, all are fairly easy and the outfits are cute!
I like this picture and wanted to share a sweet moment between the dolls😉
They look like the best dressed couple at the Christmas party this year!

Here's a shot of the skirt:
Sparkly scarf = Eyelash yarn, large crochet hook and loose chain stitch.

What I did (all seams are back stitched):
  1. Cut three pieces of 4 1/2" long ribbon (my ribbon is thin, somewhat sheer and 2 1/2" wide). Pinking shears would help control fraying.
  2. Pull out wire if using wired ribbon.
  3. Lay two pieces of ribbon right sides together and sew 1/4" hem up long side of skirt. Repeat for the other side of the skirt. The center piece will be the back of the skirt.
  4. Fold bottom of skirt over about 1/2" and sew 1/4" hem.
  5. Fold top of skirt over about 1/2" and sew 1/4" hem. Please see pic below.
  6. Glue velcro closure for waist in two spots. It's best to just gauge where this should be by wrapping the skirt around your doll. One closure where the ribbon meets around the waist the first time, then another piece to secure the double wrapped flap. I used Dollar Store velcro, if you have a thinner velcro more suited to doll clothes it would lay flatter at the waist. Please see pic below.
Sewn together:

Velcro placement:

Links to last year's outfits:

And of course these cute little outfits don't need to be only for the holidays,
thin, sheer ribbon in any color or design would work great for any day. 

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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Monday, November 8, 2021

Barbie Ugly Christmas Sweaters -Christmas Ornaments 2021 #2 and 3

If you've been around Barbie enthusiasts for a while you know the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments that come out each year are on everyone's wish list:@) These are real knit sweaters that, once pulled off of the hanger, actually fit on the dolls. Target had four designs this year, I left behind Santa and a wreath. They were an incredible $3 each and the neck is stretchy enough to fit over Barbie and Ken's head (although you do need to be prepared to pull a bunch of fuzzies out of her hair). 

And let's not forget our furry family members...
This little bulldog sporting his sweater was at Walmart😉
He's a pretty substantial 1:6 scale ornament.

The sweaters I picked up with hanger:
I have to say folks, that little snowman sweater has an amazing amount of detail!
Quick shout-out to Bloggy Buddy Sandi for letting me know they were at the store, thanks😊

Barbie says grab it when you see it, things sell out fast!

And have a happy day😎

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Ken (Barbie) Santa Pants & Hat -Christmas Ornaments 2021 #1

I love to look for Christmas ornaments that are 1:6 scale and fit in Barbie's (and Ken's) world! This year Kohl's has these really cute Santa pants with a hat. While the waist isn't fitted snugly, most 1:6 scale male dolls can wear them because they have suspenders. And of course you could add a little snap to the back if desired. This is another quick deconstructing craft, the hardest part is pulling apart some hot glue. But in the end, Ken will be one of the cutest Santa's at the North Pole:@) We'll see how many fun ornaments I can find this year...

The hat has a couple holly leaves and berries.
There was a candy cane too, but I pulled that off.
You can never have too many doll size Santa hats😎

The ornament I started with:

The back:

Ken says he likes wearing long shorts...
It's Christmastime in warmer areas too!
Isn't he from California?

Grab it when you see it-
And have a happy day😉

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Barbie Winter Hat Craft Round-Up, and a no brainer...

As the temperatures get cooler, I thought it might be fun to group my Barbie and Ken hat posts to date. All are pretty simple projects (some only require a pair of scissors and literally take a minute), and there are a couple free crochet and sewing pattern links below. The hats are cute projects kids can help make, or they can be neat stocking stuffers for Christmas. 

As for my no-brainer...
The Santa hats from Dollar Tree wine bags are adorable and fit the dolls perfectly🎅
Let's all stay warm and cozy, and have a happy day

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

If Barbie was a Pumpkin??? Happy Halloween!

Barbie says, now ~this~ is scary!!! Just having some silly pumpkin fun folks. Beads from my stash, a leftover pink headband of hair, and every girl wants nice long eyelashes:@)

Wishing you big Halloween smiles...

Have a Happy Weekend🎃

Safety note: The hair was removed once I took the pictures.
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