Thursday, August 3, 2023

Barbie's Cousin Rube Says Pumpkin Season is Coming...

If there's one thing gardeners know, it's that Mother Nature has her own schedule and when vegetables and fruit are ripe, you need to pick them! 2023 has been an odd year in the Philadelphia area, I've seen huge sunflowers blooming in June, and a red tomato before July 1st. Cousin Rube says, we can now add to that, the first pumpkin in early August:@) Very exciting indeed!

Pumpkins have always been a big seller at our little Barbie homestead, Peace and Pancakes Farm. Rube says it looks like a bumper crop year. Should be a fun autumn😎 

Rube's girlfriend Reenee had some CSA boxes to deliver in the city, so she swung by Barbie's house for lunch. She brought the pumpkin as a little surprise😊 And of course there was time for some girly chit-chat. Barbie wants to know how their relationship is going... Reenee still thinks Rube is a very special guy💗

Back Story: I tried planting mini pumpkin seeds in my home garden this year but the vines died. When I pulled them out at the end of July there was this little pumpkin. Couldn't let it go to waste😉

My garden this year:
A full garden update will be posted this Saturday on

Let's enjoy what's left of summer, 
and trust that...
Fall is coming folks!
🌻Have a Happy Day😊

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