Friday, September 8, 2023

Football Season!!! Barbie Dress from Bottle Sweater Koozie

Years ago, I found a knit Eagles bottle koozie marked down at Walmart. Immediately saw an easy dress for Barbie and tossed it into the cart:@) You can still find similar items today in all different styles. I simply slipped it up over the doll's hips, and wa-la, Barbie is sporting her team colors for the game! The koozie is stretchy enough to fit all doll body types. I love these ideas that look at an item in a different way, maybe you already have an old koozie in the house you could recycle into a fun dress for Barbie:@)

A cute midi length:

A quick Google, and I see a Phillies version too (yep, they are headed to post season again this year). And I'm sure there will be Christmas theme'd koozies out soon too.

🏈Make something just for fun,
and GO Birds!!!

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