Monday, September 19, 2022

Big Man Doll Overalls (Rubeus Hagrid) -Free Pattern & The Barbie Farm Grows...

Barbie's excited to announce a couple new additions to Cousin Rube's Farm! I've been looking at the original chicken farmer playset for a couple years and finally picked it up. Mostly for the coop, but the doll will be used as a helper on the farm too. The coop is skinny enough to add just a little something extra to pictures:@) At this point in time I have quite the brood and chicks... Kinda on the lookout for a 1:6 scale rooster to complete the set! 

But the most exciting addition is...
I made Rube a new pair of overalls.
Gotta have a pair of long pants for the colder weather😎
I recycled an old pair of my shorts and used the original hems.

Side view:

And the back:

The chicken farmer playset:
All advertising shows freckles... My doll doesn't have them-bummer.
She has a younger looking face than other Barbie's.
This is the tall, slender body type.
Can't see them here, but love the red farm boots!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊


  1. I love these! Hagrid looks handsome. If I print this on 8 1/2 x11, will it print out the right size? Do I have to keep printing until is measures the right scale?

  2. Hello, the best I can suggest, on patterns I draw I always add that 1" guide, I hope that helps. I'm tickled with these overalls too, hope you make some:@)


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