Monday, September 19, 2022

Big Man Doll Overalls (Rubeus Hagrid) -Free Pattern & The Barbie Farm Grows...

Barbie's excited to announce a couple new additions to Cousin Rube's Farm! I've been looking at the original chicken farmer playset for a couple years and finally picked it up. Mostly for the coop, but the doll will be used as a helper on the farm too. The coop is skinny enough to add just a little something extra to pictures:@) At this point in time I have quite the brood and chicks... Kinda on the lookout for a 1:6 scale rooster to complete the set! 

But the most exciting addition is...
I made Rube a new pair of overalls.
Gotta have a pair of long pants for the colder weather😎
I recycled an old pair of my shorts and used the original hems.

Side view:

And the back:

The straps are faux leather sewing trim from Ma's stash,
and the rivets are studs, well over 25 years old, 25¢ on clearance.
Gotta say, I do like the look😉
So now he has summer overalls and winter overalls.
Next, to work on a shirt or two...

The Pattern:

✂What I did (all seams 1/4" and back stitched):
  1. Cut two of pants on fold. Cut one bib. ***Please Note: I used hems from recycled shorts for the bottom of the legs and top of the bib. If using non-hemmed material, please add 1/4" to leg hole and top of bib.***
  2. Place right sides of pants together, sew front from waist to crotch.
  3. Hem bib on all sides.
  4. Open pants, lay flat. Center bib on waist of pants, right sides together. Hem.
  5. Fold bib up, fold waist down, sew hem all the way across waist.
  6. Place right sides of pants together, sew back from waist to crotch.
  7. At this point they will look like pants... Sew up one side and down the other of leg seams.
  8. Turn right side out.
  9. Figure out what you'd like to do for suspenders... Fold and sew denim like I did for summer shorts here. Or use ribbon, cording, etc.
  10. Suggestion: The easiest way to dress the doll would be to add velcro to the back suspenders and inside of pants. What I did works, you just have to have a little patience😀
  11. Add any desired embellishments or sewing trim and dress doll!
The chicken farmer playset:
All advertising shows freckles... My doll doesn't have them-bummer.
She has a younger looking face than other Barbie's.
This is the tall, slender body type.
Can't see them here, but love the red farm boots!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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  1. I love these! Hagrid looks handsome. If I print this on 8 1/2 x11, will it print out the right size? Do I have to keep printing until is measures the right scale?

  2. Hello, the best I can suggest, on patterns I draw I always add that 1" guide, I hope that helps. I'm tickled with these overalls too, hope you make some:@)


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