Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Back to School Barbie Fashions at Walmart

Ok, Barbie mania has truly taken over the world of retail... Pink not only ~seems~ to be the color of the year, the color for 2023 is actually magenta:@) I saw so many cute outfits for girls at Walmart, thought I'd take a few pics... If there's one thing we could all learn from the movie... It's yes, we are ~all~ a limited edition. You go girl, you be you!

Cute little sporty top...
Would work with the pants below too.

A complete set:

The hoodie sets are my favorite😎

For our future politicians
or class presidents...

Ok little divas,
look at that faux fur trim on the sleeves...

And yep,
even a pleather jacket😉

Buy it when you see it folks, and
Have a Happy Day💗


  1. Wow😱 I had no idea Walmart had such a huge selection of Barbie merch...thx for sharing.

  2. There's a Walmart near my home, but I can't find that many articles about Barbie.


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