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My boys are grown and on their own and while the day job puts food on the table, it doesn't feed the soul. So this Philly Girl started Pig In Mud. Please join me as I welcome each season and holiday through brief posts focusing on home cooking, baking and crafts. I hope you'll find this a happy place that provides inspiration:@) Lynn


  1. Hi Lynn, I rescue Barbie and other no longer wanted dolls from my local thrift shops. Yesterday I found a 1960s blonde Ken doll for $2 and he needed a bath. Bar Keepers powder worked a lot better than the liquid and a soft bristled brush removed the dirt from his hands, ears and under his mouth. He was wearing his original gray wool type suit and very yellowed white shirt. Oxi Clean will take care of that.

    My favorite thrift shop sells clothing and craft patterns for 5 cents each and I have found many vintage doll patterns there. Ken is a lucky guy! He will not spend his golden years wearing one old outfit.


    1. Sounds like he found a great home! Have fun:)


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