Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Basket of Kittens for Barbie from Buttons

I couldn't get over how cute a $1.97 pack of kitten buttons were at Walmart and decided they'd make great little pets for Barbie. There were six kittens, all in different colors and positions. Adorable and perfect for Barbie's house play, pictures and dioramas.

A small basket from the crafting stash made a perfect little bed. I used a large pom-pom, but another bedding option is sewing a simple yo-yo (yo-yo tutorial here) and stuffing it with a couple cotton balls. The kittens can then be glued in place or positioned as desired.

I do have to say, these kittens are a little easier to corral than the real thing😉

My inspiration:

Every Barbie should have a few furry friends!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😸

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Blingy Halter Top from Mesh Diamond Wrap Ribbon for Barbie -No Sew -Dollar Tree Craft

Introducing the first garment from my Jennifer Lopez line... Ha, just kidding, but I always seem to be attracted to pretty, shiny things... So I picked up some more diamond wrap ribbon at Dollar Tree and thought I'd make a cute blingy halter top for Barbie. This top comes together in minutes using hot glue (read: no-sew) and turned out glamorous and very sparkly! I do truly LOVE this top.

I think we might need one in every color...

Now, if you feel the top is a little too sparse or... risque... 
You could always add a small triangle of fabric as a lining. 
But, I think it's just fine as is😉

Supplies: 1" wide Diamond Wrap Ribbon, hot glue gun, velcro.

Cut two approx 3 1/4" strips for around neck (count 15 rhinestones long)
Cut one 4 1/2" strip for waist (count 21 rhinestones long)
~Please note: I've made several versions, and took pics at different times, I like the written directions.
Also, every Barbie body is different... Always plan on a test garment.~

Count up 6 rhinestones, hot glue 7th rhinestone up to end together, folding mesh in half.

Hot glue each side of bottom row of rhinestones from cup to center top of waist.

Hot glue velcro to both sides of waist and top straps so it secures around Barbie's neck.

Barbie's now ready for a fun concert, fancy party or night on the town!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lady Liberty Headband for Barbie from Recycled Bottle Ring

This Lady Liberty Headband for Barbie is a quick, cute little 4th of July craft! It only takes the plastic ring from a water bottle, some sparkly pipe cleaners (sparkly 'cause ya know Barbie's a blingy kinda gal...) and the stars can be sequins, stickers or buttons, whatever you might have. Now Barbie's ready for the parade:)
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 Simply wrap the pipe cleaners around the ring, glue on the stars and cut the bottom of the ring open.
Twirling, curling or swirling the pipe cleaners could also be fun.
Oh, and these little flag toothpicks you find at dollar and craft stores are Barbie sized too. 

Sometimes all it takes is a silly 2 minute craft to make you a rock star in the eyes of a child!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

4th of July Butterfly Wings for Barbie (and your girl)-Dollar Tree Craft

I saw some really cute 4th of July butterfly wings for kids at Dollar Tree, then I saw some butterfly clips that were intended to be holiday decor... And I thought, why not get some wings for your girl ~and~ add a matching set for her Barbie! You could clip the wings to the back of Barbie's shirt, tape them on, or sew them on, anything goes.

Cute, cute, cute!

The butterfly clip, there are several designs:

And the adorable wings for kids-love them!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

DIY Backpack for Barbie from Party Favor Purses

I found these little purses in the party section at Walmart and immediately saw a cute sparkly backpack for Barbie. I think I've seen them at Party City too? At 50¢ a piece this would be a fun craft project for a girls birthday party, sleep over... or rainy afternoon. I'm sure they'd have a great time filling the backpack with all kinds of little goodies. The straps get hot glued on and could be made from hair bands, ribbon, elastic or even yarn. I cut two 4" long pieces of salvaged elastic that was about 1/4" wide and it laid nice and flat.

Barbie looks so cute and sporty headed to the game!

Once again the most time consuming part of this project is waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up.

The key is to glue the straps on at an angle (kind of meeting in the middle at the top) so they help hold the backpack up on Barbie's back without slipping back down her arms. I got sloppy with the glue... Here's hoping you or your girl can be a little neater. Just keeping it real folks😉

The purses I started with:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Belly Bling for Barbie from Diamond Wrap Ribbon

I don't know about you, but I can't think of a doll that loves bling more than Barbie! I picked up a roll of Diamond Wrap at Dollar Tree and thought it would make a cute wrap for her waist during bathing suit season... And if my waist was that thin I'd want to show it off too:) This is obviously a super simple quick craft, just something girls can do for themselves to enjoy a little glamorous sparkle while playing with their dolls. The back can be held together with velcro, a snap, twist a small piece of pipe cleaner, just sewed closed and cut off when done or maybe even a little duct tape. Anything goes.

I love this stuff😉

🌺Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Thrift Store Finds-Wicker Chair and Quick Fix for Matted Barbie Hair

I forgot to grab some change before I left the house and my thrift store has a $2 minimum for card purchases. So when I saw this cute wicker chair for 50¢, I had to keep looking... While I really didn't need any more dolls for pictures, this one had an articulated body, purplish lipstick and really cute bathing suit. Her hair however, was a total mess, matted and sticking straight up (really wish I took a picture, but I think we've all seen bad Barbie hair). Worst case scenario, I'd just replace the head with another one but first I thought I'd try braiding her hair all over. I just kept prying small bits of it apart and once braided it looked smoother and not ~totally~ horrible any more.

I'd have to pick up small rubber bands but kind of like the way the braids softly open up at the ends/bottom. 

The jury is still out for now, I do have one extra head and may replace it after all.
But I do think this is an easy fix if your girl wants to keep playing with a doll that's seen better days.

As for my purposes, I think a poseable body and great bathing suit
were worth the $2 donation😎
The cute chair I found.
 Not a bad visit to the thrift store!

~Have a happy day~
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