Saturday, April 10, 2021

Happy Birthday Balloon Tank Tops for Barbie DIY

Here's a cute idea that's great for a girl's Birthday Party! I picked up a pack of 12" birthday balloons at Dollar Tree and three cuts later, I had cute birthday party tank tops for the party! All the girls could bring their favorite dolls, and yes this does work for Curvy Barbie too (on the left). and since the pack comes with 15 balloons, you can make a ton of multi-colored tops! Or... Stick to the party theme color for ease, everyone gets the same thing-you know your kids:@) 

The balloons I started with, and they do have single color packs:

Folded balloon with neck and arm hole cuts on the left, then cut the bottom off.
Unfolded top on the right.
Push arms through holes, ~stretch~ it over the doll's head to put it on.

Barbie says, Girl... Love your top!😉

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Daffodils and Dolls -Happy Easter from DIY Barbie Blog

The sun was way too bright for pictures today but I'm not complaining! I'll take a little spring sunshine and warmer temperatures any day:@) I took some pics of the dolls with mini daffodils in the yard for Easter. This is the best I could come up with...

Salon Stylist purple hair with bangs 2020 Fashionista (out in 2021 again too)
Sleeveless white turtleneck, clone from Dollar Tree
Floral Jacket from a Mattel fashion pack
Ken's hoodie was an Etsy Christmas gift from Ma😊
Garden swing from thrift store

We wish you lots of sunshine and good weather for your Easter egg hunt!
Happy Easter Everyone🐰

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Five Below Alert! 60th Birthday Ken and other 1:6 Scale Goodies

It's not often I'm at the shopping center that has Five Below when it's open. It's where my Walmart is and I like to get in and out early... But I was driving by today and stopped in, glad I did! They had 60th Anniversary/Birthday Ken. This was the only Ken they had, but I have to say I like him better than the blonde, which is a little too thin, IMHO. I also like the collared shirt, it will work for both summer and Christmas in a pinch (ha, or if Ken starts a Barbershop Quartet:@)  He comes with sandals, and while not as articulated as I would like, he can stand on his own, which is a bonus.

They also had three variety packs of the Totally Tiny food:
Chinese Food (I may have to go back), French Breakfast (which I have), and I chose Movie Night. 
Being from Philly, the pretzels just tickled me😉
They always have figural erasers, I wish I had that great drink in a coconut for my Cabo Vacation post!
Also love the flamingo as we're heading towards nicer weather...

So there you have it folks, just a few things I picked up on my rounds today.
I'll get Ken out of his packaging and work him into some pictures soon.
🐤I wish you all a very nice Easter Weekend-enjoy!🐰

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Chelsea Bunny Ears Hat from Plastic Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners (Barbie Craft)

I love quick little seasonal crafts and this bunny ears hat for Chelsea, Kelly or Tommy (Barbie kid dolls with soft hair) is made with the smallest plastic Easter eggs and half of a pipe cleaner. No sewing, no glue, and done in about two minutes-gotta love that:@) I made two, one with bump chenille and one with fuzzy regular pipe cleaners. So you have options, depending upon your craft stash. And of course they could be embellished any way desired, markers, stickers, glitter, etc. I think kids would get a kick out of these easy hats for Easter!

What I did:
My eggs were from Dollar Tree and are ~about~ 1 3/4" long.
Cut egg in half, use the round end.
There will be two holes, or indents, make them both holes.
Bump chenille: Cut two bumps long, push points from inside egg, up through the holes.
Scrunch excess wire inside of egg so the ears are as long as you'd like, bend ears as desired.
Fuzzy pipe cleaners: Cut in half, using one half, push points from inside egg, up through the holes.
Bend each side in half and bring back down through holes.
Scrunch excess wire inside of egg so the ears are as long as you'd like, bend ears as desired.
Push egg onto doll's head-done😎

More Easter Egg Crafts:

🌷Make something just for fun and have a Happy Eastertime🐰

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Love this big guy! 1:6 Scale Male Doll for Barbie Play and Dioramas

I'm always searching for different and interesting looking dolls for blog posts and pictures. This wonderful big guy is from the Harry Potter series (Rubeus Hagrid) and is the perfect size for Barbie's World. He also put that extra-extra large BMR hoodie to good use! He has wild and crazy long, somewhat curly hair. Fun as is or I can see it pulled back into a ponytail too. The doll comes with huge oversize shoes, but Ken shoes do fit his feet. Wish the pants weren't brown, but maybe that's a DIY down the road (I'm thinking overalls would be perfect)... Some folks don't like the plastic beard, but to me, it will always stay as tidy looking as it did at the time of purchase. There are 11 points of articulation, and let's face it, he just looks cool:@)

Doll in packaging and original furry shirt from Amazon:

A pic with Barbie for size:
If I ever begin to build a story line with the dolls,
I already know who this new character would be...
Hippie Cousin Rube from Colorado😉

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon showing the doll's body, 
(thin scrawny legs, and exaggerated round barrel belly).
But I knew he'd be perfect for my simple purposes.

Well folks, just wanted to pop in to share a fun new doll!
~Have a happy day!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Easter Finds for Barbie's World -Walmart 2021

While things tend to sell out quickly, and we are less than two weeks away from Easter, I thought I'd share a few goodies I found while on my Saturday rounds this week. Walmart had huge pallet displays in the middle of the seasonal isle with at least four bins dedicated to Barbie branded items and new dolls (hello beefy, big hair blonde Ken with watermelon shirt!). 

Barbie Easter eggs with a color reveal pet:
They also had larger eggs with a surprise pet inside last week, 
sold out before I got a pic.

While the dolls in these Easter basket gift sets are clearly Dollar Store dolls,
the bike is pretty neat😎

Barbie color and stickers set:

A ~huge~ display of Mini Brands, at least two bins full...
While they aren't cheap, they are a blast for doll play and dioramas!

Barbie size skate boards:

Turning these plush bunny ears into a Barbie headband should be an easy craft:

These little egg cars would be fun for the baby or kid dolls,
there were more colors (some for girls too) last week:

And finally,
I did pick it up for $3 this Easter. 
And if you save and re-use plastic eggs, this is a nice 5 1/2" size:

There are some of the things I saw at Walmart.
Some Dollar Trees also have the Barbie pets back in stock, and the rabbit is perfect for Easter:

🐰Happy Easter Shopping!🐤

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Barbie Fuzzy Bunny Slippers from Pipe Cleaner and Pom-Pom DIY

I've wanted to make some fuzzy bunny slippers for Barbie for quite a while and decided Easter was the perfect time! They only require two pipe cleaners, two itty size pom-poms and some beads for eyes. The finished slippers are about 3/4" long and fit the slender foot dolls that wear high heels. 

A few twists, some bends, a little hot glue, and ~maybe~ a half hour of your time... And you'll be a Super Hero in the eyes of your girl:@)

White is a little hard to photograph...
But I think you get the idea -super cute😉

What I did:
  1. Fold pipe cleaner with one side 3/4" long. Wrap around the short end one more time to half way point, the thinner end will be the front of the slippers.
  2. Working with the longer piece, fold up and over the top of the foot, make it snug. *Pic below.
  3. Bend and wrap around the bottom of the slipper. Bring up the side behind the half circle for the top of the slipper.
  4. Make a loop for the first bunny ear. Bring long loose end through the hole for the top of the slipper.
  5. Make the second ear. Bring the loose end through the hole again.
  6. Wrap around top of slipper to bottom, tuck loose end through where it wrapped around the bottom. Cut pipe cleaner.
  7. Shape slippers.
  8. Glue on nose and eyes.

Barbie says everyone likes to feel cozy and comfortable😎

🐰Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Easter Barbie Finds from Etsy -2021

It's been a while since I've shared a little Etsy love, let's see what's out there this year for Barbie at Easter:@) You can click the links to be taken to the shops that made these items. Easter is about two weeks away now, April 4th. 

Curvy Barbie Bunny Pajamas (cute-cute-cute!):

And my personal favorite...

🐰Happy Easter shopping!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Tulle St. Patrick's Day Skirt for Barbie from Dollar Store Prop

I saw the really cute skirt pictured below at Walmart and thought it would be an easy Barbie craft for St. Patrick's Day. Plan A was to buy some tulle and sew it to elastic for the waistband, super simple. But then I saw that Dollar Tree had green tulle skirts already made... So Plan B was to use that, and a bonus, you cut it in half and either have a skirt for two girls or you can make one long and one short skirt. Options are always good:@)

Not haute couture, 
but a cute, quick project to help keep your girl's Barbie pinch proof😎

What I started with:
A short skirt with tights would be cute, 
and you could easily make four skirts since you wouldn't need to gather as much tulle for coverage.

What I did:
Pin two safety pins on each side so you don't loose the ends of the elastic and cut the skirt into two pieces (four safety pins total).
Hold one side of the cut elastic and remove the safety pin. Don't let go of the elastic! 
Begin to scrunch the satin waistband towards the other end.
You want to end up with about 4" of elastic with all of the fabric scrunched between it. 
Fold right side together and sew a 1/4" seam up the back and through the elastic.
Slip skirt up over doll's legs. Cut to desired length.
Dress doll and smile😉

My inspiration:

Barbie says, enjoy some St. Patrick's Day fun!

🍀Have a happy day🍀

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