Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lemons to Lemonade...

On a whim I took a chance and ordered a $1 set of Ken clothes from Ebay that would come sight unseen. And I'll just politely say, they weren't what I expected? Yes folks, that is a diagonal lavender check print, cropped below the knee, skin tight pair of pants for a male doll. Ken says, um, maybe if he was in a boy band???...

But the good news is, the pants fit Barbie and are actually kinda cute on her๐Ÿ˜Œ

Barbie says this puts a whole new spin on the term ~boyfriend pants~!

~And that my friends, is turning lemons into lemonade๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern from Dollar Store Recycled Pumpkin Candy Container for Barbie -DIY

This light-up Jack-O-Lantern is a fun way to recycle the pumpkin topper from a Dollar Tree tube of candy corn. I love that the scale of the pumpkin is perfect for Barbie:) I also love that the tealight gives it a fun glow.
Note: I'll be posting Halloween ideas early while we can still get the supplies at the stores, 
retail has already begun moving into Christmas...

 I started with the candy and some battery operated tealights.

The pumpkin topper.
I wasn't expecting the stopper to be that long and didn't think it would be closed on the bottom.
 He's laughing at me because this turned into a more involved project than anticipated...

I'm guessing the correct tool for the job of cutting the stopper off would be a Dremel?
Any other ideas?
I used my sturdy shears and kept running them around (scoring) the stopper until I could cut it off.
Ha, I did get the last laugh after all๐Ÿ˜‰

Trim the bottom as evenly as possible and hot glue or super glue to the tealight.

From here, you could leave as is or embellish as desired.
I added a little harlequin washi tape and sparkly purple diamond mesh bling๐Ÿ˜Ž

Barbie says she's ready for trick-or-treaters now๐Ÿญ

 ♻Let's recycle creatively and have a Happy Halloween Season๐ŸŽƒ

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Halloween Candy Corn Dress for Barbie -Tutorial

Resharing one of my original ideas from 2013:
I see Halloween ideas starting to pop up all over the net and wanted to make a simple Candy Corn inspired dress for Barbie. My goal when I started making doll clothes was to suggest quick projects that might get the kids involved... Even though we're working with small pieces of fabric the seams are straight and there are only 5 of them, I really think a girl could help make this dress with no problem.
7" x 2.5" yellow fabric
7" x 2.5" orange fabric- *or 3" from 2019 update below
3.5" x 3.5" white fabric
At least 8" long piece of thin (but sturdy) elastic-has to fit in 1/4 seam unless you make adjustments
12" long piece of 1/8" white ribbon
-All fabric was cut with pinking shears and all hems are 1/4" and back stitched.

With right sides together, sew the yellow and orange fabric together. Iron the seam open.

Fold the yellow bottom hem over a 1/4", iron. Sew a 1/4" hem.

Fold the top of the orange piece over 1/4" and iron. Now here's where I cheated a bit... The elastic I had was very thin, so I doubled it and instead of having to fish it through a 1/4 hem I laid an extra long piece under the fold of the fabric before I sewed it. It's a little wasteful... but, it's easier:@)
*2019 Update: I see an alternative...
If we cut the orange rectangle a little taller, 3" or more and fold the top over, there would be enough fabric to use the thin ribbon instead of elastic for the waist closure (like I suggest for the halter top below). Then it would be tied into a bow.

Before sewing that seam, fold the two sides of the white top over 1/4" and iron. Center the white piece on top of the orange piece and sew the seam closed. Be careful to keep pushing the elastic to the top so you don't sew over it. You may notice two seams in the picture, I got ahead of myself and sewed the orange seam before I added the white piece... Since the stitches were so small I decided not to rip it out and just sew over it again. Ooops.

Fold the upper edge of the top 3/4" and iron. Place the thin ribbon under the folded fabric and sew a 1/4" seam from the top edge. Be careful not to sew over the ribbon.

Bring the two right sides of the skirt together and sew 1/4" seam up to, but don't sew over, the elastic.
*2019 Update: If using ribbon for the waist too, only sew up yellow through the first folded orange fabric. Leave about 3/4-1" open so the dress can be slipped over the doll's hips easily.

Turn the dress to the right side and slip it on the Barbie. Gently snug up the elastic so that it fits the waist but still goes over the hips. Tie elastic in a knot and a few dots of superglue over the knot is a good idea too. Note: This is not the neatest technique and seasoned seamstresses are shaking their heads right now... But, this is easy, it's the back of the dress and the doll's hair covers it. If anyone has a neater idea that's still easy please leave it in the comments-thanks!
*2019 Update: Simply snug up the fabric around the doll's waist and tie a bow.

Pull the halter top up and scrunch up the material towards the front of the doll.  

Tie the ribbon into a bow around her neck. 

There you have it, a cute, seasonal Barbie outfit that your daughter or granddaughter can help make! 
Or one that you can complete in no time at all.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day๐ŸŽƒ

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin Outfit from Balloon for Kelly or Chelsea Doll (Barbie)

All that's required for this cute little pumpkin outfit for Kelly is a 12" orange balloon, scissors and a black Sharpie marker. Oh, and maybe two minutes of your time:) Dollar Tree, Walmart or Party City should have packs of all orange balloons if you need a few for a Halloween party or sleepover craft. You might even be able to find a pack of Halloween balloons that already have the Jack-O-Lantern face on them. This is the sort of silly, seasonal craft I love folks!
I've seen little Kelly dolls already dressed in pumpkin costumes for Halloween at Target, etc...
Why not simply dress one (or two) your girl already has!
Note: I'll be posting Halloween ideas early while we can still get the supplies at the stores, 
retail will be moving on to Christmas soon (check that "soon"... Just saw Christmas this morning...).

Draw Jack-O-Lantern face on upper round part of balloon and add a few curved lines for ridges. 
Tip: I laid the balloon on a Christmas ball to smooth the surface to draw on it.

Cut the neck of the balloon off, leaving just the round part.

Cut two 1/4" small arm holes near the top.

Cut an approximate 1" hole straight across the bottom for her legs.

Stretch top opening and fit balloon onto doll, I started from her feet.
Push arms through the arm holes.
Optional: Add some cotton balls to bottom to help keep dress rounded out like a pumpkin, I didn't.
Now Kelly is ready to go trick or treating๐Ÿญ

I did a quick Google search and see there are pre-printed balloons offered by Walmart here:
My cutting directions would be flipped upside down, but would still work fine.
I keep waiting for them to show up at Dollar Tree, but so far I've only seen Alien face balloons.
*9/14/19 Update: I just saw orange balloons with white Jack-O-Lantern faces at Dollar Tree!
And while we're gathering Barbie ideas for Halloween crafts, 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Clay Fall Leaf Serving Platter or Dish for Barbie -DIY

While taking a walk one morning I noticed a bunch of itty-tiny acorns laying in the road... And while not 100% Barbie size (they are about 10mm), I still thought they'd be fun props for a fall Barbie craft. So I took inspiration from blogger Purple Hues and Me ~here~ and created an oak leaf platter for Barbie from clay. I pulled up some images of leaves on the computer and had a little fun using items from my craft stash.

I used bold red, yellow, orange and brown acrylic paint.
And when that dried, finished the dish with a few squirts of gold metallic spray paint to tone it down a bit.

  1. I had a 1" block of the clay you bake, and free formed it into an approximate 1/4" thick oak leaf. From stem to tip it's 2 1/2" long and 1 3/4" at the widest part. 
  2. Used a toothpick to make the veins and placed toothpicks under the leaf tips (before baking) so they'd be curled up a bit. 
  3. Baked it at 270 degrees for 10 minutes, and left it in the oven as the oven came to room temperature. (My counter top oven doesn't have the recommended 275 degree setting.)
  4. Once cool, gave the veins a light sanding with a nail file.
  5. Then painted it fall colors. Don't have craft paint in fall colors? Since nobody will actually be eating off of this platter, you could use nail polish in a pinch.
  6. My final touch, I gave it a few quick spritzes of gold spray paint.
Barbie says she loves her new seasonal platter and may even use it on her Thanksgiving buffet!

~Make something just for fun and have a happy fall๐Ÿ‚

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Baby Playpen or Dog Kennel/Crate from Recycled Square Plastic Bottle for Barbie -DIY

This Barbie baby playpen or puppy kennel/crate is a great way to recycle and repurpose an empty square peroxide or alcohol bottle. I liked that peroxide comes in a brown bottle, no painting necessary. This is a cute little craft that was complete in less than an hour. Of course the more precisely you make the cuts, the neater it will look... But I think it turned out kinda cute for a quick craft!

I used hot glue, super glue or some other clear glue might be a better choice.

Or kennel/crate.

I started with an empty square plastic bottle.
Remove as much of the labels and glue as possible.

Measure up the side about 3 1/2" and cut top off of bottle.
Then cut down the corners. The bottle is shaped so you'll see the outline of where to cut.

Then cut skinny slats and remove the center pieces.

Cut the square top off of the top of the bottle.

Slip the top over the sides and slats and glue in place.
I glued each slat to the top too.

The scissors I used:

๐ŸถMake something just for fun and have a happy day๐Ÿ˜‰

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Biker Babs Says... Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This silly Biker Babs post is all about thinking 'outside of the pink'... I'm always looking for items and toys, not marketed for Barbie, that are close to 1:6 scale to use ~with~ Barbie. I grabbed this $1 Motorcycle the minute I saw it at Dollar Tree. Depending upon just how bendable/poseable your Barbie doll is... This might be best suited for Skipper sized dolls. But then, I've seen some huge guys zip by me on the way to work on bikes that appear to be much smaller than this one!
No helmet?
Yep, they don't need to wear one here in Pennsylvania...

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone,
-I Hope Your Destination Leads To Lots Of Fun๐Ÿ˜Ž
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