Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Barbie's Trip to Flamingo Mountain Theme Park

Did you hear the news? There's a new summer theme park in my Barbie world, Flamingo Mountain:@) Instead of a traditional climbing wall, the dolls get to scale the side of a large planter filled with gorgeous brightly colored portulaca! Don't let the beauty of the flowers fool you folks, Barbie says it's quite a workout...

The mountain seemed huge and while the first three levels were a breeze,
now it's not so easy...

But this was Barbie's summer adventure and she was determined to get to the top...

The sun kept going in and out, providing a much needed break from the heat.
Taking time to smell the flowers and catch her breath...

The flamingo was within sight...

Every muscle ached, but,
(Is that bird taunting her???)

And the prize at the end of the journey?

Your picture with the flamingo...
Really??? That's it???

Well, and bragging rights of course😎

We here at DIY Barbie Blog encourage everyone to chase their dreams...
No matter how challenging!

Portulaca planter pics from approximately 7/18-7/23/21.

🌺Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Barbie Grilled Ham Steak from Clay -Christmas in July

Barbie would like to remind everyone that ham isn't just for Christmas or Easter... It's fabulous on the grill! A nice big ham steak cooks up quickly and that tasty char makes everything taste better. Since I have a bunch of 1:6 scale grills, I thought we'd make a ham steak out of air dry clay. The best thing about this project, there is no right or wrong... We're just aiming for an abstract oval-ish pink shape with black/brown grill marks. And it looks like Barbie is as big a fan of hot sauce as I am:@) (Hot sauce from Mini Brands, did you know Series 3 is out?)

What I did:
Smooshed the clay together and tried to shape it into an oval, 
but also have it big enough to cover what was printed on the grill grates by Mattel.
Added a mini white pony bead to mimic the bone.
Scored some 'grill' lines across it.
Let that dry.
Added a little white paint to look like fat...
And used markers for the grill marks.

Grilling ham soon?
Here are a couple great ideas from my Happier Than A Pig In Mud Blog:
With a light coating of olive oil, nothing more, and Ham and Peach Kabobs with Bourbon Glaze.

Barbie says eat well, and have a happy day😉

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Barbie or Ken Knit Stocking Cap from Sock DIY -Christmas in July

Whether it's summer or winter, I always see guys wearing stocking caps... So I thought we'd make one for Christmas in July from a sock:@) This is made from the ribbed top part of the sock and you can easily get two hats from one sock. I say only two because I'm using the finished top edge as the part of hat that folds up. This is a quick project that only calls for a couple seams, and even sewing it by hand only took me about 20 minutes. It stretches on to fit just about any Barbie size or 1:6 scale action figure doll. The hat I made here used a woman's, thinner, lighter weight sock.

What I did:
Cut 2" band from the top of the sock.

Then cut it in half vertically, you'll have two hats.

Turn fabric so the right sides are touching. Making sure the finished edge (what would be the elastic top of the sock) is even, sew straight up the vertical cut edges. Hand sew or use sewing machine.
For the very top (the cut edge), it will be sewn into an X or + shape (however you choose to look at it).
If you scrunch the circle between your thumbs and index fingers, you can create this shape. 
Reinforce the center with a few stitches and tie into a knot.
Gently turn right side out, put on doll's head with the seam in back and turn bottom up.

Wa-la, one very cool doll size stocking cap😎

And since this is Christmas in July...
You can always sew or glue a pom-pom to the top if desired😉

A view of the top and back:

What to do with the rest of the sock?

Do you like Christmas in July?
It tickles me!

🌞Make something just for fun and have a merry day🎅

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Barbie Halter Top with Beaded Necklace -Free Pattern

Here's a quick little halter top that's just a tad fancier because there's a beaded necklace that holds it up around the neck. I found these aqua beads in the 98¢ bin at Walmart and thought they were the perfect color for summer. One pattern piece, a few hems, string some small beads on wire and wa-la, we have a cute Barbie shirt! The most involved part is adding the shirt to the necklace... But it's really not difficult.

What I did:
  1. Cut one piece.
  2. 1/4" hem all around. Suggested sewing order: Sides, bottom, under arms.
  3. Fold tip towards inside, with needle and thread, gather the very top and scrunch it together, sew it together.
  4. Create necklace using my technique HERE, being sure to keep your beads to an odd number**.
  5. Sew top onto middle bead of necklace. You have options... Sew thread around each side of the middle bead as I did for this top. **Or, when you're making the necklace add a long piece of string to the middle bead ~before~ you add it onto the wire. You'll use that string to sew the top to the necklace.
  6. Add a snap or velcro closure to the top of the back.
  7. Done😊
The pattern:

The finished top:
(I sewed my bottom first on this one, I do suggest the order given above.)

The back:

We've seen this great beach print used in a super easy Ken tank top
now Barbie has a cute top made from it too.
So they have matching outfits for the luau😎

🌴Make something summery and have a happy day🌴

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Barbie Tent or Dining Tent from Food Screen/Mesh Pop Up Food Cover

Here's another simple Barbie idea to add a little fun to doll play and dioramas for the summer... We can purchase a manufactured doll tent (starting at $20), ~or~ use a pop-up umbrella food tent instead! I picked mine up at HomeGoods etc for $3 years ago, and have never used it... Until now:@) I've even seen them at Dollar Tree. Mine is 16" wide, make sure you get one that's bigger/taller than the dolls. I think this works just fine as is, but if you're feeling crafty you can cut a slit for a door in the middle of one side, maybe glue a ribbon on each edge and add a little velcro as a closure. Wa-la, alfresco dining, or a nice mosquito proof tent for camping.
As you can see, it's a tad short for 11.5" dolls to stand (but perfect for Chelsea and Kelly)...
Mine has 1" of extra fabric on the bottom that lays on the ground, that could help add height.
But overall, I think this works for dolls that are sitting or sleeping😉

Alternately, if your kids want a floor for their tent, simply cut a piece of cardboard to size.
We seem to all have an Amazon box or two these days😏
It's amazing these dolls stay so skinny with a diet of hotdogs and Oreos...
I just couldn't get a close-up picture... The camera kept focusing on the mesh tent, not the dolls.

Barbie says, if you'd rather to go Glamping (and we may one day)...
Simply add a hanging chandelier from the center, or some battery operated lights.
And don't forget a throw pillow or two😉

~Repurpose something just for fun and have a happy day!

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Summer Barbie Baby Color Reveal Doll Review

Apparently Mattel is having a lot of success with the color reveal line of Barbie dolls and pets. The latest series is for summer, and one offering is an adorable baby in a swimsuit that comes with a cute sun hat, little blanket/towel and the main reason I bought one... Either a bottle, or, and my fingers were crossed as I opened the package... a pacifier. Yep, I wanted the pacifier:@) They retail for $5 and have been sold out on Amazon, but I found an end display at Walmart today, July 10th-yay!

My review: 
The doll: She's all hard plastic and not articulated in any way. I will say the pose, with her sitting, hands in front, is really ~really~ cute. Her bathing suit has little ruffles on the butt, and she actually has chubby little baby legs! Love the bald head, and the one tuft of hair in front just makes me smile. While her head and eyes are a little larger than other Barbie babies... People do come in all shapes and sizes😉

The accessories: The hat is great, it is soft and rubbery, there are five possible colors. This hat will not fit any other Barbie dolls, not even Chelsea or Kelly. So I'll just use it as intended. The blanket/towel is cute, but very small, just like the ones that come with the other babies. Mine happens to have flamingos, so that makes me happy too. Same as the hats, there are five designs. The container can be used as a baby swimming pool or for storage, the lid does fit securely.
Picture from Mattel's site:

The pacifier: What can I say folks, this is absolutely adorable!!! I wanted one because it would add a different look for pictures. My wish would be that it was a solid color to show up better, but this clear pink one will work😎 It seems to fit snuggly, but may be getting a dab of super glue to make sure it doesn't get lost. 
A picture with a baby from the Babysitter Series for comparison:

The overall experience: Honestly, I personally am not a huge fan of the color reveal, but I do acknowledge I'm not the target demographic! I can see where kids would have fun opening each of the little packages and giving the doll a bath to finally see her. This would be a perfect party favor for birthday parties or sleepovers. Since mine came with the pacifier I am pleased, she will offer a different look and appears to be younger than the other Barbie babies. Overall, I'm tickled with this purchase.

Will this little cutie be worked into blog pics? 

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

Friday, July 9, 2021

Barbie is Fishing for Shark Week -2021

Shark Week starts on July 11th, and this year we find Barbie and Joe on a much anticipated tropical vacation. Today they're doing a little fishing. Well, Joe's fishing, Barbie ~was~ enjoying the scenery. After a couple hours it looked like he hooked a nice one for dinner, but... Cue the music... Whose dinner exactly??? I think Barbie's wide eyes express the magnitude of the situation, and while Joe has been trained to keep his cool and handle most unforeseen circumstances... They usually involve humans, not sharks jumping onto the dock!!!
Tip: I've started saving those annoying clear stretchy rubber bands that come in the packaging of new dolls, clothes and accessories. They come in handy for helping hold arms and items in position for pictures.

How did this outing end?

Joe says shark tastes like chicken😉

Oh, and when he tells this fish story back home...
this was the shark😎

DIY Projects:

🌴Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐟

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Simple Team Logo Clothes for Ken Doll (Barbie) -No Hem Shirt

We love our local sports teams here at DIY Barbie Blog! I wanted to show you the ~simplest~ way to create quick, cute tank tops for Ken. This is a slight variation from my Rustic Tank Top post. The biggest difference is the arm holes are cut lower, creating a sporty look. This is still a one piece, no-hem top that only requires two one inch seams up both sides. Please note: The logo on the back will be upside down for the easiest version of the top. Alternately... You could cut two pieces of fabric and add shoulder seams so both logos read correctly. I've made both so you can decide how you'd like to proceed. 

What I did:
  1. Using pinking shears:
  2. Fold fabric in half, with fold at top (shoulders) cut 4" x 4" square down sides and bottom, leave top fold intact. Or, cut two 4 1/4" x 4" rectangles so each logo will face the right way. The extra 1/4" is for the shoulder seams.
  3. Measure in 1 1/2" on each side, make dot. Cut neck hole. You have a choice, either cut a semi-circle or fold in half down the center and cut a straight line on the diagonal. My cut came down maybe 1". 
  4. Cut arm holes, I left about 1/2" on top of each shoulder, but do like the shoulders even thinner for these sports tops. Starting from 1" on the bottom cut a curve up to the shoulders. You know how guys like those t-shirts with the open sides?
  5. Turn fabric right sides together, sew shoulder seams if you used two pieces of fabric. Iron seam flat if desired. With right sides together sew side seams, I did back stitch all seams. 
  6. Dress doll, it's best to have arms straight up in the air at the sides of his head.
The most important part of the project is getting your logo kinda centered:

The backs:
Eagles has the shoulder seams, Sixers is one piece of fabric.
Bonus: The Eagles shirt can be worn with either logo in front, two looks from one shrit😎

A good view of the open sides:
I was really pleased with the way the Phillies shirt turned out,
might do a little more trimming on a couple of the others😉

⚾🏈🏀Show your team colors and have a happy day!

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Walmart Alert! 1:6 Scale Fabric -Barbie size prints, lots of it...

Popping in today to say my Walmart just put out a ton of fat quarters, and some pre-cut yards of fabric. I found many with a suitable 1:6 scale design for Barbie doll clothes (and other 12"-ish dolls and action figures). Now, did they restock or just find a few cartons on a shelf in the back that really should have gone out earlier in the season? Don't know. Please excuse the flash, I was in the store. I only picked up four for my crafts...

Patriotic and nautical:
I got the stars and stripes on the left, and anchors (might need to go back for the lobsters😉

Beach, sporty and summer fun:
I ~had~ to bring the flamingos home, love that one, and the sports print too.

Plaids and quite a few tie-dye type colors:
Gotta chuckle at the second from right... Ken plaid leisure suit anyone???

Grab it when you see it and have a happy day😎
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