Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Movie Frozen Inspired Barbie Cape -Felt, No-Sew Craft

Everywhere I look this holiday season I see toys and gifts inspired by the movie Frozen II... Here's a quick easy craft to make a pretty cape so even Barbie can get in on the fun! And it would fit the actual (12"-ish) dolls they sell from the Frozen series at stores too. Embellishing any outfit is a big part of the fun, little snowflake sequins or buttons add to the look, and shiny ribbon and glitter always make things special.

I do see that in the movie the light blue outfit has a whispy mesh type cape and the purple one is more solid... 
But, I found this light colored piece of felt at Walmart and decided it would work just fine:)

My snowflakes are from my craft stash.
I saw some fun shiny plastic snowflakes that could be glued on at Dollar Tree.
The blue snowflake dress was actually on a Dollar Tree doll too.

I roughly started with my no-sew felt cape tutorial from Halloween HERE but added a feminine twist.
Wrap shorter side of felt over the doll's shoulders,
fold 'collar' down about 1/2".

You'll see that if you fold the corners down in front of the doll,
they make two straight lines and fit together nicely (see pic below).
I cut a small hole on each side below her neck, then fed a 20" piece of ribbon through the holes.

Wrap cape around doll, glue two flaps in front down (I used hot glue).
Glue on snowflakes and embellishments.
Snug up ribbon and tie cape so it stays on the doll.
I left Ken's cape rectangular, but rounded the bottom of Barbie's cape.
I think you'll get a good idea of how to make this between the pictures here, and those from Halloween.

I happened to have one thrift store blonde doll that came with a big braid,
so that worked out well too๐Ÿ˜‰

Make something just for fun and have a Happy Holiday Season๐ŸŽ…

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

$2 Barbie Angel Tree Topper -Dollar Tree Craft

I've been looking at the angel wing ornaments at Dollar Tree for a couple years now with this Barbie Angel Tree Topper in mind. I made sure I picked the wings up early this year. Then, much to my surprise they had the long white dress today, that made this little project way to easy! I happened to use my Dollar Tree doll too, but any Barbie type doll your girl has would look great.

If your girl already has a wedding type gown, that would be pretty...
And if she has a pink tree in her room, there were pink and light blue gowns for $1 too.

The only other craft item you need is one tinsel pipe cleaner.
Half for the halo and half to be used as a choker necklace to hold the wings on.

  I made a circle from the pipe cleaner and bent the end down to stick into her hairband for the halo.

 The wings have a hole so they can be hung from the tree.
Wrap the pipe cleaner around the doll's neck (like a choker necklace), 
and push both ends through the hole in the ornament.
Twist the sides of the pipe cleaner together to hold the wings up.
That's it folks, you can just nestle the doll on top of the tree 
or secure her by wrapping another pipe cleaner around her legs and the top of the tree.

The items I started with:

Make something just for fun and help create special holiday memories!

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Barbie's Thanksgiving Buffet -Diorama

Barbie invited everyone over for a casual Thanksgiving dinner, and to allow for elbow room at the table, set-up a buffet on the kitchen counter. Plenty of turkey, side dishes, a desserts corner, and... A sink full of ice and holiday cheer (and it looks like the chef might just be reaching for a glass:) Free no-sew apron pattern can be found here.

First, I'd like to ask that you humor me... 
The skillet of beads is an attempt to ~loosely~ resemble green bean casserole. Thank you.
The skillet was pink, a little spray paint and I'm lovin' the black cast iron look.
Click for other DIY links:

Good food, good friends, (football) and family.
Barbie says yes, there's a lot to be thankful for๐Ÿ˜Š

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lattice Topped Pie for Barbie from Masking Tape

This lattice topped pie is a last minute craft I put together this morning before work. I started with masking tape, a dinner plate from a Barbie play set and a cotton ball. I used standard 3/4" masking tape. Pulled about 4" pieces off and folded them in half lengthwise (sticky side to sticky side). They were then cut in half lengthwise to create the thinner pieces. From there they get woven together, a standard over-under type weave creating a rough square. I taped all four sides down so it would stay together, placed a cotton ball on the plate to make a mounded pie and laid the lattice over the plate. Hot glued the crust all around the edge of the plate, then trimmed it round around the edge of the plate. I colored the edges of the crust a bit with a brown pencil. Wa-la, apple pie for dessert:)

Barbie says it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie...  
 I'll probably still work on this, adding more color and tweaking a bit,
but for now I'm tickled๐Ÿ˜‰

Make something just for fun and enjoy the holidays!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Cookies and Gumdrops Barbie Sweet Holiday Centerpiece (Wilton and Dollar Tree)

This Barbie cookies and gumdrops centerpiece starts with a Wilton doll topper cake pick and a Dollar Tree styrofoam cone. The cookies can be homemade or store bought (I used vanilla and chocolate Oreo minis and Nutter Butter Bites). Gumdrops are always colorful fun and Dum Dums helped fill in spots nicely. Cookies, candy and cone = $6 from Dollar Tree, I might suggest getting one more bag of gum drops, after all, it is the holidays:)

  1. Remove plastic wrapping from cone and hot glue bottom to a sturdy heat resistant plate or pie plate (I used an 8" Corelle luncheon plate).
  2. To add gumdrops, cut toothpicks in half, poke hole in flat bottom of gum drop with point of toothpick. Then insert cut end of the toothpick into gumdrop and stick pointy end into cone. Start covering cone in candy. 
  3. To add Dum Dums, I cut the stick in half, then just poked the stick into the cone.
  4. When the cone is covered, pour any remaining gum drops onto the plate.
  5. To add cookies, **after your cone is covered in candy**, gently drill a hole into the center of each cookie with a toothpick (twist it back and forth). Then stick the other end of the toothpick into an empty spot on the cone. I liked letting my cookies stick out a little further than the candy. Note: Plan A was to just stick the toothpick into the filling of the cookies between the cookie layers, but they kept splitting apart.
  6. Safety note: We're using wooden toothpicks, the cookies come off of the toothpicks easily. I suggest small children take the gum drops off of the plate instead of the cone. 
The Wilton doll cake pick I started with:

And we ended with a mountain of yum...๐Ÿ˜Š

Sometimes I'll buy a thrift store doll just for the outfit she's wearing... 
I know this was from a holiday doll at some point in time and love the candy cane bow!
The candy cane she's holding is a mini ornament from Ma's craft stash.

As for her hair...
 Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a beauty school drop-out๐Ÿ˜ฏ
I'm adding this to my Spritz Cookie Pinterest Board because,
not only would small spritz cookies work really well, they'd be very pretty too!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Barbie Holiday (or Any Day) Apron, Curvy or Standard Doll, Free Pattern, No-Sew Tutorial

Bakers everywhere are stocking up on flour and sugar... And Barbie's ready to join them in the kitchen:) These cute holiday aprons are simply cut from one piece of fabric and the ribbon or rick rack trim is hot glued on. The aprons can tie around the doll's neck and waist, or I chose to hot glue a little velco to the ends of the ribbon to make it easier to dress and undress the doll. The best part, this free pattern will work with both standard and curvy Barbies.
This is another project that only requires a 6" square of fabric and some ribbon from your stash.
No fabric? The aprons can be made from felt or recycle an ~old~ shirt or pair of pants.
I love this type of project folks๐Ÿ˜‰

Use the pattern as a guide, make it longer or shorter to suit your tastes.
(I wanted mine long enough to show the silly turkeys.)
 My ribbon measurements are for if you want to close the apron with velcro.
You'll need a lot more ribbon if you want to tie the apron on.

6" piece of fabric
22" ribbon or rick rack, you'll trim as needed after gluing onto apron.
5"  ribbon or rick rack for waist
1 1/2" ribbon or rick rack for top of apron, optional
hot glue (or Liquid Stitch works great, but that will take longer to dry)
button, glitter or sequin embellishments if desired
Our models: A thrift store Halloween Enchantment Barbie, and Made to Move Curvy Barbie.

Save pattern to computer. Use scroll wheel on mouse until line equals 1".
Print out or place paper on computer screen and gently trace pattern, cut of of paper.
Cut one apron from fabric of choice.

Fold fabric over 1/4" if not using ribbon/rick rack on the top of the apron. Glue hem. If using ribbon/rick rack (the green apron), glue the 1 1/2" piece to the top of the apron first.
Glue the 22" ribbon/rick rack starting at the center of the bottom of the apron. Continue gluing up sides of apron.

For waist, glue 5" ribbon across apron under the square bib part.

Trim ribbon if needed and glue a small bit of velcro onto ends.
Dress doll and bake some cookies!
Another cute idea:
You can find my Barbie Pinterest Board by clicking HERE.
Oh and, in case you're wondering... These aprons fit the Elf on a Shelf too.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Poncho for Barbie from Dollar Tree 2.5" Wide Ribbon -No Sew

As soon as I saw this cute plaid ribbon at Dollar Tree I envisioned a holiday poncho for Barbie. Even better, it's a no-sew poncho for Barbie. The ribbon design reminds me of a warm, woven wool. Ribbon, hot glue and 20 minutes of your time are all that's needed to create this fun outerwear garment for your doll. You can leave it plain or add some fancy sewing trim to the bottom. Barbie says, oh yea, she's a fancy kinda gal...
The trim makes it look more finished and adds a little fun, good options include: 
Pom-poms, rick-rack, fringe, pretty ribbon, beads, etc.
Lovin' these itty pom-poms I found among some Christmas ribbon at Walmart a year or so ago๐Ÿ˜Š

Side view:

The ribbon I started with:

7" long piece of ribbon that's 2 1/2" wide
3" long piece of ribbon that's 2 1/2" wide
trim for edges if desired
Hot glue or Liquid Stitch (Liquid Stitch will take longer to dry)

1. Tuck under and glue 1/4" of shorter piece to the bottom of the 7" piece.
2. If using trim, ***please ignore this picture and just glue it on once the poncho is complete***
3. Glue second side of shorter ribbon 1/4" under 7" piece, creating a cone type shape. (If you lay the 7" ribbon over the doll's right shoulder and wrap the short end around the other shoulder, it will make sense.)
4. Note: If the opening for her head is a bit tight after you finish the poncho, you can open up the seam in the back a tad to make it easier for kids to dress the doll.

Now Barbie's ready for cooler weather and the holidays๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Two more cute outerwear ideas:

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