Thursday, August 30, 2018

Serving Tray from Recycled Bottom of Shampoo Bottle

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Barbie says it's entertaining season folks, with football parties, big family dinners and the holidays coming up... This Serving Tray from the Bottom of a Shampoo Bottle is a super simple ~free~ way to add a platter to your doll's kitchen accessories. Whether full of chips and dip, corn on the cob for a crowd or holding a round of drinks... Every well stocked kitchen, and hostess, should have a few serving trays!

And the whole project took all of about 10 minutes-I like that in a project😉
DIY sequin earring top HERE.
Um... As you can tell from her arms, this Barbie really needs to eat a couple of those hamburgers!

Another fun food prop idea, buttons...
Both the fish on the grill above and grapes on the platter are buttons.

What I did:
I started with an empty shampoo bottle:

Cut the bottom off and washed it well:

 Then trimmed it as neatly and evenly as possible. I used these cutters:
If you don't have a pair they really come in handy!

Make something just for fun-
 and Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Blingy Barbie Top from Headband and Sequin Dangle Earrings

Walmart usually has a display with these color coordinated sequin earrings for various holidays. And while I probably wouldn't spend $3 for a Barbie outfit embellishment, I don't have a problem picking up a pair on clearance for $1. This Top from a Headband and Dangle Earrings has been on my mind for a while... Headband tops are super simple and only require scissors and one quick seam up the back. The key is the headbands have to be at least 3/4" wide, 1" would be perfect. The only white one I could find was 2" wide from Dollar Tree. I think I'd prefer that the bottom sequins dangled below the fabric in a perfect world.
Pipe cleaner puppy HERE.

These cute tops slip up over the dolls hips to cover her chest.
They work great with the hard plastic dolls, but do require a little more ~patience~ dressing dolls with rubber legs.
The earrings I started with:

  1. Wrap headband around the doll, covering her chest.
  2. Pinch together at the back. Cut the headband leaving an extra 1/4" on each side for a seam allowance. You'll have a piece of headband that's about 5" long and you can make two tops from one headband.
  3. Place right sides together, sew headband closed along cut edges, back-stitching top and bottom. This creates a tube top.
  4. Turn so right side is out.
  5. Slip top on doll to determine where to sew on earrings.
  6. Either gently bend earring to slip dangle off, or cut the earring to remove dangle. Be careful and watch that sequin on top, it's not attached and will fall off.
  7. Hand sew earrings to top.
  8. Slip top on doll, decide what bottoms she should wear and admire your blingly new outfit!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Found On My Rounds -A New Doll, Eraser Props, and the World's Smallest Barbie

I found this doll at the thrift store recently and I'm always looking for different dolls to keep pictures interesting. Someone did cut her hair and it's pretty uneven, I'm hoping it can be trimmed on an angle to look shorter on one side and leave the length as is on the longer side. I'd also like to learn how to style it so that hair-doos stick. Specifically a little flip/turn up on the bottom front. All tips are welcome! She has jointed elbows and knees and a bendable waist. So I was pretty tickled with this $2 purchase, and the proceeds going to charity is always a nice bonus.

I had to laugh, I've been looking everywhere for these small erasers that look like food 
and some are ~pretty close~ to 1:6 scale.
Happened to walk down a boys toy isle I haven't been down before at Walmart...
Yep, there they were 97¢.
This was the set that matched in size best,
although Barbie wants me to go back soon for the one that had a slice of cake...

 I found this World's Smallest Barbie in that same isle! Not with the Barbie stuff???
She's 3" tall and comes with glasses.
I guess that's kind of like a Barbie doll for your Barbie doll😎 
Didn't buy this one yet, just clicked a few pics with my phone.

Have you found anything fun at the stores lately?
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Loveseat for Barbie from Recycled Eyeglass Case and Pom-Poms

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I love projects that recycle old items or things headed to the trash bin into new and useful ideas. And I think girls will get a kick out of this Love Seat from an Eyeglass Case and Pom-Poms! I had an old eyeglass case that had the spring on the back, you know, so it "flipped open" and stayed open. I gently bent the lid back a tad to make it more of a 90 degree angle. The inside of mine is a neutral peach color, so I left it as is. I also left the outside of the case black because I plan to revisit this idea again with a little more ~grown-up~ theme next time-stay tuned. I could see girls painting the case or covering it in colorful duct or washi tape.

My pom-poms are from Dollar Tree (I saw some eyeglass cases with springs there too). I just dumped the pom-poms into the cavity and patted them down a bit. Girls should spread some glue on the bottom of the case and glue the first layer in place. Then put a dab of glue on the bottom of each pom-pom for the next couple of layers and place them where needed. Dry thoroughly. Covering the back in pom-poms might be fun too... Just throwing that out there...
We need something to glue to the bottom for legs to add a little height to the couch. About 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" high would be ideal. Place the four legs closer to the ends/corners of the couch. *My legs are just to share this couch idea, not glued on, and are only about 1" tall. I used wooden candle holders from the craft store.

Oh, and if you happen to have an extra huge fluffy white pom-pom to add as a throw pillow... 
Well, what girl can resist throw pillows😉

~Create something just for fun and have a happy day~

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Crafting a Shelf Into a DIY Barbie Loft Apartment -#1 The Find

I was just saying I'd like to somehow build a Barbie house out of an unusual item and saw this sturdy circa 1970's stand/shelf on the curb one day... My first thought was to have an upstairs and downstairs; livingroom, kitchen, bed and bath. But then I thought it might be fun to have a kitchenette and living area downstairs, and a roof deck... You know, for tailgating and outdoor parties:) I don't know what I'll come up with, but I plan to decorate for the holidays and create small furniture and items to share DIY ideas. I'm tickled to have something new ~and free~ to play with!

The first thing I added was my Crochet Bear Skin Rug, directions here, we'll see if there's still room for it after a couch, etc. Other fun additions, the  Dollar Tree chair here and pipe cleaner puppy here.
I'll update the progress occasionally, this cast-off stand was the catalyst for finally starting this Barbie blog.
I hope you'll follow along and help build enthusiasm for this new blog!

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Stacked Pumpkin Topiary Barbie Accessory from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and Recycled K-Cup

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I love the look of stacked pumpkin topiaries and saw a fun, doll sized one at a craft store for $7... Not in my world folks! Dollar Tree has packs of small glitter pumpkins, and I'm always looking for ways to recycle and repurpose k-cups, add in a little hot glue... ~Wa-La~, here we have a 5" tall Stacked Pumpkin Topiary for Barbie. We can decorate the base as desired, let the girls use Sharpies, stickers, glitter, duct tape, etc. I kept mine plain white, it might be cute painted black or terracotta, but I like it as a white planter.

This is a quick project that will give your Barbie house, pictures and fall dioramas a little seasonal flair.

Fun note: I get bored easily and like to change up my dolls for pictures... 
I bought this 99¢ (non-traditional Barbie type) head from Ebay because I liked the short hair and bangs. 
It was added to a thrift store Barbie body that had articulated arms and hands so I could pose the doll.
She'll show up on the blog every once in a while:)

One pack of each size pumpkin(s) is enough to make two topiaries, one for each side of the door or fireplace.
There are also leftover extra pumpkins and leaf shapes that can be used for something else later.

  • Cut the pick off of the bottom and stem off the top of the larger pumpkin, and cut the stem off of the middle sized one.
  • I found that they stacked better if I turned the large pumpkin upside down, the bottom is flatter.
  • The large pumpkin didn't completely cover the opening of the k-cup so we'll need something to cover the opening. Glue a colorful artificial fall leaf to lay across the top of the k-cup, or miniature leaves, raffia, Spanish moss, anything glued to the rim to cover the hole (see pic below). I crochet a chain of brown eyelet yarn and glued it to the top of the k-cup.
  • Glue large pumpkin to k-cup and the other two on top of each other. I used hot glue, any strong glue will work.
  • Decorate k-cup if desired (before or after adding the pumpkins, before might be better if a kids project).
 While I recognize it's still August, grab the pumpkins at the store while they're there folks... 
Retail will be working on Christmas soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Adding Glittery Bling to Barbie Glasses

I can't think of a more diva-ish or glitzy doll than Barbie, can you? So I'm always looking for easy, fun ways to make accessories pop just a little more. I had a pair of plain black glasses and tried to spray paint them gold, that worked marginally well. Some of the paint didn't stick and I was left with a couple weird looking divots and spots that needed to be covered up... Solution? Super glue and extra fine glitter!
Barbie says "Dhalings... Luvin' my new glam LA specs!"

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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