Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Felt Vampire or Prince Cape for Ken -Picture Tutorial

This cape for Ken (or Barbie, or action figure dolls) is made from one piece of felt and it doesn't even require a pattern. A couple quick folds and sewing or weaving a piece of ribbon through the collar gives it shape and holds the cape on the doll. This project comes together in minutes adding fun to Halloween play or would be a cute cape, in any color, for a prince doll.

Ken says he thinks he'll be a vampire for Halloween this year,
beware of neck nibbles๐Ÿ˜Ž

Lay the doll in the center of the short side of the felt.
You'll want the felt up to the top of his ears.

Fold the felt down over each shoulder while leaving the back as high as the top of his ears.

Fold the two corners back a bit, only take it to the bottom of his chin. 
Add a little glue to each side to keep the folds in place.
This creates shape and allows the cape to lay flat in front.

Ribbon can be added with a needle or you can cut little holes in the felt and weave it through with your fingers.
Either way, run a wide stitch around the doll's neck.
My ribbon was 1/8" thick and 12" long, I do suggest making it longer.

Aim for it to be more evenly spaced and neater than mine, but you get the idea๐Ÿ˜‰

Snug the fabric up on the ribbon creating a collar, and tie around the doll's neck.
Or as Dracula might say... Va-la!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day๐Ÿ˜Š

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Halloween Trunk-Or-Treating with Barbie and Bones

Barbie and Bones loaded up the Jeep and headed to the farm for a little trunk-or-treating! They brought lots of goodies and a few friends for the trip:) It was an amazing fall day and the trees were at peak color. They got the tailgate all set-up and campfire going right before the sun began to set.

Trick-or-treaters will be thrilled to choose from a basket of apples or a tray of candy and donuts.
Well... Whatever's left of the donuts anyway๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Kelly sees some friends from school and waves for them to come over to the Jeep...
Red camping lantern is a Walmart mini ornament (pack of 3), I just took the Christmas greens off.

Bones says Halloween is fun for kids of all ages!
DIY tealight jack-o-lantern from recycled candy topper here.
Serving tray from recycled shampoo bottle here.

Bones is a perfect 12" tall and came from Amazon in a little box like a puzzle:

๐ŸŽƒWishing you a playful Halloween season-enjoy๐Ÿฆ‰

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halloween Fun -Random Barbie Pictures and Etsy Finds

I wanted to share some fun Barbie Halloween ideas and pictures found on Pinterest and Etsy. I think they are all amazing! I'm always tickled when designs and prints are the perfect 1:6 scale and look great on Barbie. The best part, if you see something you like, I'm sure there's still plenty of time to get it before Halloween. Pour a cuppa and enjoy!

Candy Corn Hair-gorgeous coloring!
A hint of yellow and it would be perfect.

Look at the tiny scale of the pumpkins! There are Ken size hoodies too.

Halloween Sock Hop Dress-

And every Halloween party needs munchies...

I'll leave you with...
Vintage original Barbie/Ken/Skipper Masquerade Costumes, 1963/1965:
Ha-ha, look at Barbie's shoes... I don't think she'll be walking around trick-or-treating๐Ÿ˜‰

๐ŸŽƒHappy Halloween Season๐Ÿ•ท️

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Skeleton Mask and Gloves for Ken, Barbie or Action Figure Dolls -Dollar Store Craft -Halloween or Day of the Dead

We've all seen the 18" long thin plastic skeletons at Dollar Tree, you may even have one or two in your Halloween stash. Well, the other day it dawned on me... They would make a great Halloween or Day of the Dead mask for Ken, Barbie, GI Joe or other action figure dolls! This is another fun ~deconstructing~ craft. It only requires the Halloween decoration, scissors, some hot glue and a tiny bit of elastic for the gloves.

 Our model today is GI Joe, Ma found him in a box at a yard sale marked 'free'.
And while he probably should be wearing a shirt... I, um,  don't think anyone is going to tell him that๐Ÿ˜‰ 

The $1 skeleton I started with: 

Pull the head off and cut off the loop on top.
This plastic is thin enough that you can cut it with scissors, but shears are a better choice if you have them. 

Insert scissors/shears into the hole and begin to cut the back of the head out.
You'll only want to go 3/4 of the way up to the top (leave enough to hold on the doll's head like a hat).
Then  cut down to the back of the chin, leave the jaw intact.

We're aiming for a simple mask that slips over the doll's head.

The skeleton is too big to use the arms and hands for a costume, 
but if you cut the hands off right above the wrist, you can make gloves pretty easily๐Ÿ˜Š 
I used the shears to cut the seam open around the hands and separate them. You can have two sets of gloves.

 Hot glue a little elastic to both so they slip over and stay on the doll's hands.

If you'd like to make a mask for the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), 
embellish with colorful paint or Sharpies, glitter and sequins.

Barbie says BOO!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

One-Piece Bibbed Felt Barbie Skirt, No Sew Option -Picture Tutorial

Here's a cute idea for a bibbed skirt made from felt, so it costs all of about 25¢. This was a super simple craft that came together in less than an hour. I chose the no-sew option and used my hot glue gun. The real fun comes in decorating and embellishing the outfit. Since it's felt, it lends itself to fall and winter, and since this one is ~dark green~ I was thinking... Eagles football! But of course, it would be perfect for Christmas too. I did end up cutting 1/2" off of the bottom to make the skirt a tad shorter.

My logo was cut out of ribbon and the glitter embellishment was glitter glue.

A side view:

~Please bear with the picture exposures, they were calling for rain, the sun  was in and out...
Lay the felt out with long side towards you. Measure 6" across.
Cut felt in half.
You'll use the 6" piece.

 Fold one of the shorter sides over 3".
As you look at this pic, the 3" side is the back of the dress,
the longer side is the front of the dress.

Find the one inch that is in the center of the fold, measure down 1/2" and draw lines for a rectangle.
This will be the start of the opening for her head.

As neatly as possible, cut out the rectangle of felt. 

Unfold the back, draw straight lines from the square opening up the short side (back of skirt). 

Cut that piece of felt out, this will be the start of the suspenders. 

Leaving about 1/4" of felt on each side of the opening measure down 5", this makes suspenders and bib.
See picture above.
Then draw a line from the bottom of the bib to the outside, this starts forming the skirt. Cut the sides off. 

 Make a cut about 3/4" long 1" from each side.  

Take the front of the skirt, and lay the 3/4" cut of fabric over the back. 
This creates a dart and helps shape the skirt. Hot glue or sew in place. Do that for both sides. 

 Last three steps for skirt, in any order you're comfortable with: 
Add velcro for a closure. Hot glue or sew up the back of the skirt approximately 2 1/2" (I just overlapped the felt). 
Hot glue or sew suspenders to inside of skirt. 

The felt skirt with a bib top before embellishing:  

 And the back:

Barbie says girls like football too๐Ÿ˜‰
Deviled eggs from clay and button-here.

๐ŸˆMake something just for fun and GO TEAM!!!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Dollar Tree Alert! Barbie Baby Sled from Ornament

I saw these really cute metal ornaments at Dollar Tree and knew they'd make great sleds for the Barbie babies! And yep, I tucked a baby into my pocket so I could get a couple quick pictures:) They come in red and silver. They really don't need any extra props, except maybe a little blanket, and your kids are all set for doll play. Oh, and I could see a dog sitting in the sled too...

Barbie can pull the sled from the hole in the back (where they tied the twine for hanging to a tree),
or simply add some ribbon to the twirls in the front.

I know that most of us are just getting our first touch of cooler fall weather but...
Ya gotta grab it when you see it folks.

Maybe tuck it away for early December, 
or gift the baby in the sled if your girl is getting one of the babies for Christmas.
It really is a neat little sled

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Snowman Costume from Dollar Tree Ornament for Chelsea Doll -Halloween or Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (Barbie)

This snowman costume idea only takes a couple minutes to construct (or more acuraturaly, de-construct), and you'll have a fun photo prop, Halloween costume, or silly outfit for an ugly sweater Christmas party. And yep, I do advocate girls dressing their dolls for such occasions:) I love how Chelsea's pretty eyes really stand out in the pics. For reference, Chelsea is the 5 1/2" doll in Barbie's world.

 The ornament I started with:

Carefully open the bottom seam with either a seam ripper of pair of scissors.
Pull out as much stuffing as you can.

Cut as close to the bottom of the hat as you can,
then cut a curve down the sides of the face and cut straight across right above the nose.

On the back (felt side) cut two 1/2"-ish slits high on the second layer of the snowman for arm holes.

Cut an opening up the center of the back, all the way up to the bottom of the hat. 
This will make it easier to dress the doll.

To dress Chelsea:
Start by pushing the hat onto her head. Then push arms through holes.
Back will be open, you can close it with tape or add a little velcro with a hot glue gun.  
One other idea I thought about after pictures:
Take the nose off and hot glue it back on so it stands out straight instead of to the side.

A bonus, once everyone is done playing with the snowman costume, 
you can cut off the glued on hat and use that for winter outfits for both male and female dolls.
Ken says... Bring on the cooler weather!

 Re-imagine something just for fun and have a happy day๐Ÿ˜‰
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