Monday, January 21, 2019

Crochet Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow for Barbie

This great pattern whips up in less than 10 minutes and I thought turning it into a little Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow for Barbie would be cute for Valentine's Day. The magic circle closes up nicely and makes a solid heart. Barbie's thrilled with her stylish new bag, and it's soooo much less fattening than chocolate:)
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You might want to make the strap long enough to go across her body, 
this does have a tendency to want to slip off her shoulder.

I used regular worsted weight yarn and an H hook, my hearts are a tad less than 3".
To make a pillow simply add a little stuffing (or a few cotton balls) and sew it closed. Maybe add a white single crochet border, that could be pretty...
Valentine's Day is coming!

Heart-from Crochet Leaf-please stop by her blog for a detailed picture tutorial HERE.
Make a magic circle. There's a good u-tube about how to make the magic circle HERE.
Round 1~ Chain 2, 15 DC into ring, slip stitch into top of first DC.
Round 2~ Chain 2, 1 DC into same stitch, 4 TC in next stitch, 2 DC in next stitch, 1 HDC in the next 4 stitches.
1 DC, 1 TC, 1 DC into the next stitch (makes the point of the heart).
1 HDC in the next 4 stitches, 2 DC in next stitch, 4 TC in next stitch, 1 DC in next stitch, Chain 2, slip stitch into same stitch. You can stop by Crochet Leaf to see how to slip stitch from the back so the heart looks neater.
Fasten off, pull magic circle closed and weave in ends.
Make two hearts for either the bag or pillow.

Barbie says a girl can never have too many purses๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Barbie Baby Bassinet from Recycled Shampoo Bottle

Does a Barbie in your child's life have a baby or babysit? This Barbie Baby Bassinet is anther super easy recycled shampoo bottle craft. All that's required are sturdy scissors and some scrap fabric for a blanket (looks like we have a future Eagles fan here:@) Decorating the outside is optional, but it sure can be fun! Oh and, that ~um~ hair doo? Yep, looks about right for a woman with a newborn!

Barbie Baby Bassinet:
1. Cut bottom off of shampoo bottle. Give yourself a piece about 2" high to work with and trim down.
2. Remove labels from shampoo bottle.
3. Wash well and dry.
4. Cut with sturdy scissors into a 'sleigh' shape, making one side higher with sloped sides.

5. Add a little batting for a mattress or a blanket and maybe a pillow.

6. Embellish outside as desired. Hot glue a ruffle, ribbon, pom-poms, rick-rack, etc around the outside edge if you want to make it fancy. Or let the girls color it with Sharpies, add stickers, glitter, etc. Note: My ruffle is 1" from top to the bottom of the scalloped edge.
7. Lay baby in bassinet and smile:@)

The scissors I used:

These Barbie babies are about $3 at Walmart and make a cute little gift.

Ha-ha, lovin' it!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day๐Ÿ˜Š

Reindeer Antler Headband for Barbie -Easy Craft

Need a little project to keep the kids busy for a while? This Reindeer Antler Headband for Barbie (or any action figure doll) comes together in no time and it only requires the ring from a screw top bottle and a pipe cleaner. My Barbie opted for a more sophisticated(?) look using brown, but you know I'd choose a blingy metallic tinsel pipe cleaner:@) Simply wrap the pipe cleaner around the ring and bend into a U shape. Then wrap a second piece to create a 'fork' type shape. Cut the bottom of the ring so it fits over her head like a headband. Easy-peasy.

 Oh and... If you happen to have a little red pom-pom, well...
 I'd like to thank Curvy Barbie for being such a good sport. 
It's not often a Diva would dress up as Rudolph for a chuckle or two๐Ÿ˜Š

Merry Christmas from Barbie and Everyone here at DIY Barbie Blog!!!
Wishing you peace and smiles, enjoy the season!

Barbie's Thanksgiving Turkey -Made From Clay

I decided since Barbie has a nice big DIY serving tray she should host Thanksgiving dinner this year:@) And since the price of 'real' Barbie turkey toys/props is a little cra-cra on Ebay... I made my bird from a 99¢ brick of clay. Took all of about 15 minutes and it seriously cracks me up! I love the little wings and kinda have a craving for some hot sauce now???

Barbie says "I don't know what all the fuss is about, cooking a turkey is a piece of cake"...

 White clay, some brown craft paint and quick spritz of gold spray paint... 
Looks good enough to eat:@)

Gobble, gobble... Have a great weekend everyone๐Ÿ˜‰

DIY Barbie Candy Centerpiece -Witch for Halloween

Ma was doing a little purging and asked if I'd like a Wilton Barbie Cake Topper... Yes please! While I do have a couple fun cake ideas, the first thing I wanted to try was a Barbie Candy Centerpiece, and since it's Halloween, I made her a witch! This is a cute idea if you're having a girl's Halloween party or birthday around Halloween. I'd say this is more of a ~sweet~ witch, rather than a wicked one... I strive to keep the 'Happy' in Halloween, but you decorate yours as you wish:@)

If you Google or look on Pinterest, there are several ways to do this, I'll show how I made mine.  
I started with the Wilton doll cake topper: 

  Picked up a plastic cup at Walmart, twisted scissors back and forth in the bottom to make a small hole.
Then pushed the point on the bottom of the doll through the hole. 

I used a little orange streamer for her top. 

Some folks use double sided tape to attach the candy, some use glue dots, I just used hot glue.
Start with the bottom row and overlap the candy a little as you work upwards for each row.

I glued a few toy rings here and there for looks and an extra treat.
Add a black cape if desired, I simply used a holiday hair band I had on-hand (see top pic).
This project comes together pretty quickly once you decide what candy to use
and how you want to decorate the doll.
 I could even see this as a cake topper.

  Make something just for fun and have a happy day๐Ÿ˜Š

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Serving Tray from Recycled Bottom of Shampoo Bottle

Barbie says it's entertaining season folks, with football parties, big family dinners and the holidays coming up... This Serving Tray from the Bottom of a Shampoo Bottle is a super simple ~free~ way to add a platter to your doll's kitchen accessories. Whether full of chips and dip, corn on the cob for a crowd or holding a round of drinks... Every well stocked kitchen, and hostess, should have a few serving trays!

And the whole project took all of about 10 minutes-I like that in a project๐Ÿ˜‰
DIY sequin earring top HERE.
Um... As you can tell from her arms, this Barbie really needs to eat a couple of those hamburgers!

Another fun food prop idea, buttons...
Both the fish on the grill above and grapes on the platter are buttons.

What I did:
I started with an empty shampoo bottle:

Cut the bottom off and washed it well:

 Then trimmed it as neatly and evenly as possible. I used these cutters:
If you don't have a pair they really come in handy!

Make something just for fun-
 and Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Blingy Barbie Top from Headband and Sequin Dangle Earrings

Walmart usually has a display with these color coordinated sequin earrings for various holidays. And while I probably wouldn't spend $3 for a Barbie outfit embellishment, I don't have a problem picking up a pair on clearance for $1. This Top from a Headband and Dangle Earrings has been on my mind for a while... Headband tops are super simple and only require scissors and one quick seam up the back. The key is the headbands have to be at least 3/4" wide, 1" would be perfect. The only white one I could find was 2" wide from Dollar Tree. I think I'd prefer that the bottom sequins dangled below the fabric in a perfect world.
DIY pipe cleaner puppy HERE.

These cute tops slip up over the dolls hips to cover her chest.
They work great with the hard plastic dolls, but do require a little more ~patience~ dressing dolls with rubber legs.
The earrings I started with:

  1. Wrap headband around the doll, covering her chest.
  2. Pinch together at the back. Cut the headband leaving an extra 1/4" on each side for a seam allowance. You'll have a piece of headband that's about 5" long and you can make two tops from one headband.
  3. Place right sides together, sew headband closed along cut edges, back-stitching top and bottom. This creates a tube top.
  4. Turn so right side is out.
  5. Slip top on doll to determine where to sew on earrings.
  6. Either gently bend earring to slip dangle off, or cut the earring to remove dangle. Be careful and watch that sequin on top, it's not attached and will fall off.
  7. Hand sew earrings to top.
  8. Slip top on doll, decide what bottoms she should wear and admire your blingly new outfit!