Monday, April 22, 2019

Hula Skirt from Recycled Plastic Bags

In honor of Earth Day I thought I'd share one of my very first Barbie posts...

This Barbie came with a bathing suit so I thought a Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt would be a cute-free-quick craft. I like that kind:@) And if you already have an elastic ponytail band to donate to the project it's even faster! This skirt just loves to blow in the wind.
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Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt for Barbie
You will need:
a ponytail band or piece of elastic wide enough to fit over the doll's hips
tan (or color of choice) plastic bag

1. Start by flattening your grocery bag (you'll only need one and probably won't use all of it).
2. Cut the handles straight off, and the bottom straight off. Click the picture to make it bigger.
3.Cut the bag in half vertically and begin making strips. I aimed for about 1/4" wide.

4. If you don't have a ponytail band tie a piece of elastic into a circle big enough to fit over the doll's hips.
5. Since my elastic was thick I wrapped the two ends in some masking tape and trimmed the excess. If your elastic is thin just tie the loose ends in with the band as you add the strips.

6. Begin tying the strips onto the elastic with a double knot. (Bring the sides of the plastic up evenly around the elastic.) Don't pull the plastic to tight, it can break. Keep pushing it to one side to completely cover the elastic band.
7. Every once in a while twist the knots to point downward and when finished make them all point downward.
8. If necessary give the bottom a little trim to even the skirt out a bit.
 And here's a little surprise I noticed when the skirt was done, the recycling logo-I love it!

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Beaded Fairy Bubble Wand for Barbie and 10 Easter Crafts for Barbie Round-Up

Have a nice long Easter weekend with the kids coming up? Looking for an idea or two to help keep them busy? I thought I'd gather a bunch of my Easter/spring craft ideas for Barbie in one place. I hope you'll find some inspiration to make a little project or two, and if you're having an egg hunt with a bunch of kids, most of these ideas would be inexpensive group crafts. Click the title to be taken to my original post.
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Let's break out our stash of beads and pipe cleaners (and maybe some ribbon for streamers tied to the wand) and whip up a pretty Fairy Bubble Wand for Barbie. It's a project girls can make for themselves or this would be a fun little surprise to tuck into a plastic egg for Easter too (just don't forget the bottle of bubbles:)

I know what you're thinking... Will a wand that small really make bubbles??? 

Ha, ha-why yes, yes it will!
I love bubbles😊
  1. Simply push beads onto pipe cleaner. One larger novelty bead on top is extra fun. Just try to make the circle of beads around an inch or so, to keep it in scale with the doll.
  2. Shape the beads into a small circle and twist both ends of pipe cleaner together to form the handle/stick of bubble wand. Keep the handle long enough to bend around her hand.
  3. Adjust the circle so it's centered on top of the straight handle of the pipe cleaner.
  4. Tie thin ribbon around base, below circle, so it flows in the breeze if desired.

  5.  More ideas:


    Easter Baskets:


    🐰Make something just for fun and have a Happy Easter Weekend!

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Barbie Baby Carrier from Plastic Easter Egg-Kids Craft, Picture Tutorial (or Pet Carrier)

If there's a Barbie in your life, I'm guessing there are probably some plastic Easter eggs too:) Here's a quick craft the kids can make for themselves, and it costs all of about 20¢... It only requires one plastic egg and a pipe cleaner, but it can be embellished and decorated as extravagantly as desired. Stickers would be fun.

Once I made it, it dawned on me it could be a pampered pooch pet carrier too!
DIY pipe cleaner puppy HERE.

 I started with a hinged, medium sized egg, approx 2 1/2".

 Push a pipe cleaner through the two holes in the round side of the egg.
Try to keep the two long ends an even length.
Note: Most new eggs have marks for holes, but you may need to poke the holes completely open.

 Bring the pipe cleaner up the sides of the egg and push it through the two holes in the pointy end of the egg.
Be sure to leave the egg open enough to easily fit the baby or pet. 

 Twist the pipe cleaner together to create a handle.
Completely twist it so it lays flat. 

 Shape the handle and smile😉
Want to make one to surprise your girl?
How about buying the baby, placing him in the egg carrier, 
and setting her Barbie near the Easter basket holding the carrier.

10 Easter Crafts for Barbie can be found HERE.

🌷Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Etsy Sightings -Easter Items for Barbie

With Easter a little over a week away I decided to pour a cuppa and see what the good folks at Etsy had to offer for Barbie. In addition to a lot of originally marketed and packaged Easter themed dolls (and one "scented" Ken???), there are so many fun things... First up, this adorable bunny pancake plate for Easter breakfast-Love it!!!

And while we're on the breakfast/brunch theme...

And while I could easily sit here all day adding links... 
Unfortunately, I do have to get ready for work, boo.

So I'll leave you with:

🌷Have fun Easter shopping, I wish you all a happy day!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bead and Safety Pin Easter Basket for Barbie

Here's another fun Easter basket for Barbie idea that's just a little more involved than the egg carton one I previously posted. Safety pin baskets are a craft that has been around, probably, ever since there were safety pins! I found a great picture tutorial HERE and really can't add much to the instructions so I'll just provide a link to that site. As long as they are old enough to carefully work with safety pins I think girls would enjoy making this project. Once you have all of the supplies gathered (and you understand the instructions), I'd plan on this project keeping the kids occupied for about an hour.

My notes:
  1. The most important thing is the size of the beads. They need to cover the open pointy side of the safety pin ~and~ you need to be able to close the safety pin. Shorter safety pins use up to 8mm beads, longer ones can use wider beads.
  2. I used 10, 1" long safety pins and think that makes a well proportioned Barbie size basket, especially for playing with the kid dolls.
  3. Longer safety pins would make a deeper basket. If you want a wider basket, use 12 or 14 safety pins.
  4. The tutorial uses craft wire, I used my never ending supply of pipe cleaners.
  5. The tutorial makes the handle out of beads too, I love my sparkly/blingy tinsel pipe cleaner handle.
  6. Embellish the baskets any way you'd like, sequins, ribbon, add a little Easter grass, etc.
Oh and, if you happen to have a cute little bunny bead in your stash...
Well, that's just icing on the cake😉

A few years ago I made Barbie one for St. Patrick's Day HERE.

🐰Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Easter Basket for Barbie from Recycled Egg Carton

Here's a fun craft to do with the kids, these Barbie Easter baskets from an egg carton couldn't be easier and are just too cute! The best part is, even the youngest girl can help make them. Simply cut the cup out of the egg carton and square up the top a bit. From there it's all about decorating... You just need glue and some pretty/blingy items from your stash.
You can cover the basket in ribbon, scrapbook paper or paint. Additional embellishments could be rick rack, pipe cleaners, ruffle trim, stickers, feathers, flowers, glitter or anything else you may have or can think of.
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  • After you cut the cups out of the egg carton and square the edges up, they aren't very deep. I used 5/8" ribbon and it worked well for mine. 
  • If desired, trim ribbon to lay on the flat part (bottom) and glue it on. Then I cut four pieces to glue to the sides (this was easier than trying to deal with making one long piece of ribbon lay flat since the sides of the egg carton are at an angle). 
  • The handle is a pipe cleaner glued to the inside of the egg cup.
  • At this point it's all about trim and embellishment!
  • I think Jelly Belly's or Tic Tacs would be cute in the basket.
  • My bunny is from a package of food picks I bought at Walmart years ago.

🐇Easter is April 21st this year, let's make something just for fun and have a happy day~

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Barbie Chair from Thrift Store Candle Holder and Pom-Poms

I loved the sloped shape of these candle holders I found at the thrift store and thought they'd make great Barbie chairs. So I had to pick one up for 70¢ to see how it would look. The chair could be filled with anything, maybe create a large yo-yo and stuff it like a pillow or scrunch up/fold an old t-shirt, but the easiest way to give the chair padding is to fill it with pom-poms. I just dumped  them in and pushed them down into the candle holder. Barbie thinks it's pretty comfy:)

Inexpensive, quick, colorful and fun!
I like that in a craft😉

I took a quick pic of the candle holders at the thrift store, and the one I brought home.

My Love Seat from an old Eyeglass Case HERE is another cute furniture idea using pom-poms.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day~