Friday, January 24, 2020

Emoji Dresses from Balloons for Chelsea and Kelly (Barbie Dolls)

These Emoji Dresses from Balloons for Barbie play come together in minutes and make a cute little ~happy~ outfit:@) I used 12" balloons and they fit the Chelsea and Kelly size dolls well. I'm still working on projects trying to use up one package of multi-colored balloons so I drew the faces on. I did see packs of smiley face yellow balloons at Dollar Tree if you need several for a girl's birthday party or sleepover craft.
  1. Draw emoji face on balloon. (I spread my balloon over a Christmas ball ornament to make a smoother surface to draw on.)
  2. Cut neck off of balloon.
  3. Cut two small 1/4" holes on each side up near neck of balloom.
  4. Cut hole in bottom of balloon.
  5. To dress doll: Stretch balloon open and start dressing from the feet.
  6. I added the heart sticker eyes after the doll was dressed.
  7. Optional matching headband on Kelly doll: Cut off the rolled part of the balloon and stretch it over her head.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Knit Outerwear Vests for Barbie -Easy Free Pattern

Well folks, it looks like winter will be here for a while longer, so let's get comfy... These Knit Barbie Outerwear Vests whip up in no time and I've made a "down" version with worsted weight yarn (the garter stitch kinda reminds me of a puffy Lands End vest) and a "faux fur" (faux wool?) one with crazy yarn from the $1 bin at AC Moore. This is another project a girl can most likely make for herself. They are simply constructed from a square for the back and a long rectangle that wraps around the doll's neck-creating a collar and the front panels, then gets sewn to the sides, leaving a hole for each arm.
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Now, I will say this crazy fuzzy yarn can be a bit challenging to work with. I prefer knitting with it because it's a little easier to see the stitches when they're on the needles. If I was more comfortable crocheting with it I'd love to try one of my Bear Skin Rugs:@)

The best part about this vest is, the pattern was designed for real women! So if you'll stop by Laylock you can see the beautiful vest she made and get all her tips and instructions. I sincerely thank her for this great schematic that makes this pattern as easy as pie:@)

Knit Outerwear Barbie Vest-Faux Down or Faux Fur-adapted from Coze: Easy Knit Vest Pattern
10MM needles, worsted weight or fuzzyyarn, all garter stitch.
Back: cast on 10, knit stitch until it reaches just under where Barbie's shoulder meets her arm. Approx 14 rows. Bind off.
Sides: cast on 7, knit stitch until it reaches from the bottom of the back, wraps around the back of her neck, and down the other side to the bottom of the back. (Wrap it around her neck like a scarf.) Bind off.
Finish: Sew sides to the back (up approx 1" from bottom of vest) leaving an opening big enough for an arm on each side. Then center the collar and sew it to the back all the way across the top of the square.
Note: If you use a thinner yarn you'll be able to fold the collar down like Laylock did, this thick/fuzzy yarn is too bulky for that.
Make something just for fun and have a happy day

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Super Easy Team Ribbon Shirt Embellishment for Sports Fan Barbie -Philadelphia Eagles

It's wildcard playoff weekend for football and we're ~big~ Philadelphia Eagles fans here at DIY Barbie Blog! I wanted to share a couple super simple ideas to add some team flare to any Barbie outfit by simply using a little team logo ribbon. (Or any ribbon that fits a theme you have in mind.) You can always cut out the logo and glue or sew it onto a top, but I'm using it as a sash or belt so it doesn't alter the original top. For the sash, cut the ribbon long enough to go around the doll's shoulder and hot glue a little velcro to the back to close it.

Same thing for the belt or bottom of the shirt, you just need enough ribbon to go around the doll's waist.
My ribbon is from Walmart and is 7/8" wide.

Barbie says, show your team colors and have a happy day😊

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Top 3 Barbie Posts from 2019 & Happy New Year!

As the year comes to an end, I was curious to take a look back and see what the three most popular posts of 2019 were. This has been a fun year for me and the dolls have given me new inspiration for blogging. I plan to keep the Barbie ideas coming, my goal is to keep things simple and inexpensive, mostly using items from Dollar Tree, Walmart, thrift stores and yard sales. I hope you'll visit often!

I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by!
I hope you find some fun ideas and a project or two to make for, 
or better yet, ~with~ your girls.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Santa Hat for Barbie or Ken and Christmas Plush Doll Blanket from $1 Wine Bottle Bag

I stopped at Dollar Tree on my way home from work and saw a Santa wine bottle cover... Had to smile and bring one home. While I've crocheted a Santa hat for Barbie in the past, I always wanted a ~real~ one and this is just the perfect scale! It fits both male and female dolls.

For the blanket, I simply cut straight down the center of the back and then opened up the bottom seam. 
I hot glued the ends of the belt down.
There was a gold ribbon so the bag could be snugged up around the bottle, I cut that off.
The bag is 12 1/2" long so it's a great size for doll play and dioramas. 
This makes a fun throw blanket for snuggling on the love seat binge watching Hallmark Channel,
 and it's big enough to cover a Barbie bed too. Super simple and very festive!

The bag I started with:

Make something just for fun and Merry Christmas🎅

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

DIY Ruby Necklace for Barbie and Under the Mistletoe Diorama

I found some shiny ruby colored beads at Walmart and ~Ken~ decided they'd make a pretty holiday necklace for Barbie:) I used my simple method for making a necklace here and had this whipped up in no time. Add in a little mistletoe and it sounds like the perfect Christmas present!

The pack of beads I started with:

The finished necklace:

Looks like Barbie had some eggnog and is feeling a little... cheeky😉

Wishing everyone a playful Christmastime🎅

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Barbie Guitars from Dollar Store Ornaments

Just a quick post about an easy toy/prop that's 2 for $1... While I do understand these ornaments are intended to resemble harps, I just love the scale as a guitar for Barbie. Initially, I planned to remove all of the glitter and paint it brown (and I still might do that with one of them), but I kinda like the sparkly gold glitter ~rocker~ type guitar! All I did was hot glue a strap to the back of the instrument and wa-la we have a fun toy for Barbie play.

 The ornaments I used:
I did rub some glitter off of two spots on the back before I glued the ribbon trim on.

 Barbie asks, what song do you want to hear?

Grab it while you see it and have a Happy Holiday Season🎅

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