Monday, May 29, 2023

Barbie Hooded Tunic from Sock-Vintage Pattern Inspiration DIY

As soon as I saw the (blurry) old Barbie pattern below I thought top F would make a cute sock project. I was smitten with the high cowl neck, and since I have a hard time tossing old socks thinking they might be able to be recycled into Barbie clothes... I thought I'd give it a try:@) Now, if you want to make this an extra special sleep over project, maybe you could take your girl to Dollar Tree and let her pick out a cute pair of socks to use. I used a women's size for a tunic, the doll it thin enough to use a kid's size sock, that would fit more like a sweater.

A cute, sporty casual look😉

✂What I did:
Used an ankle sock

Cut straight across the toe.

Lay flat so the heel is to the back.
Lay sock over doll and
cut two very small holes where arms are.

Dress Barbie and make hood lay flat against her back.

It can be pulled up over her head too😎
Although that's a lot of hair to work with...
Note to Mattel:
Real people have short hair too.
Just sayin'.

My inspiration, top F:
I kept this a quick, no-sew kid's project.
You could use the toe of the sock
and make sleeves if desired.

Let's recycle creatively and
have a happy day😉

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  1. I love that pattern and your sock clothes are always so cute!


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