Friday, March 20, 2020

Face Mask from Napkin for Barbie or Ken-DIY

Whether your Barbie or Ken is a doctor, nurse, dentist, other first responder or just concerned about germs in general (hello world!!!), you can make this little breathing or surgical mask in minutes. All that's required is a paper napkin and you can secure it in back with a small piece of tape. One napkin will make a bunch of masks, this is an easy project that only requires a few simple folds.
What I did:
Cut a piece of 2 ply napkin 5" long by 1" wide.
Accordion fold it back and forth in approximately 1/8" wide folds.
Gently separate the center to create the mask.
Wrap around doll's head and secure the back closed with tape.

Editorial Note:
This post is not intended to make light of the current world medical situation, 
the hope is that maybe it will help kids feel a little more at ease. 


  1. This is a great idea and perfect for a child/adult conversation. Masks anytime other than Halloween are kinda scarey!

    Thanks for the idea! Sandi

  2. I like the idea, I would have loved to see how you folded it.


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