Monday, July 8, 2019

No-Sew Swing Top with Diamond Mesh Trim for Barbie -Free Pattern

I'm lovin' this super easy, really cute swing top for Barbie! This is another project that comes together in minutes and would be great for a girl's birthday party or sleepover. The key is to use a nice old t-shirt that's well worn, really soft, and drapes easily. It gets dressed up with some bling from diamond mesh ribbon, and the cherry on top... This is a no-sew craft.

I found the diamond mesh ribbon at Dollar Tree.
You can get it in three or five row width, I think three rows is best for this top.

Swing Top Supplies: soft knit fabric, diamond mesh ribbon, velcro, glue.

  1. Save pattern to your computer, use the scroll button on your mouse to make the line equal 1". Print or gently trace the pattern onto paper and cut out.
  2. Cut one piece from soft knit fabric.
  3. Cut approx 5" strip of diamond mesh (24 rows long).
  4. Glue diamond mesh onto the straight top of the fabric. The glue I used to hold the diamond mesh to the fabric was Aleene's Fabric Fusion. It worked very well!
  5. Glue small piece of velcro to the back to close the top. Hot glue works best for attaching the velcro (unless you want to sew it on).
  6. Tip: If planning a group craft project, it's always best for you to make a test shirt ahead of time.

A quick pic of the back.

And the side... 

Barbie says: A girl can never have too many cute tops😉

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