Saturday, July 2, 2022

Barbie's 4th of July -Cousin Rube Says 'Road Trip'... With New Girlfriend?

Cousin Rube decided folks have already planted their flowers and pruned their yards by the 4th of July, and the fireworks permits haven't been approved for his farm yet. Add to that, this year it's a three day weekend... Yep, it was time for a well deserved break, so he closed the farm store, gassed up the scooter, and took off for the long weekend. 

Scooter you ask?
What else would a self proclaimed life long hippie drive??? 
No matter how large the human😊 

So, the big man and his girlfriend 
are looking forward to visiting some friends for a BBQ, 
and their local holiday festivities.

At this time,
please allow me to introduce Rube's new special girl, Reenee.

Now, if you've been around DIY Barbie Blog for a while,
you may have noticed I don't tend to name my dolls.
I have a hard enough time remembering real people's namesπŸ˜‰
But, Rube isn't a Ken, and since I have a story line with his character,
I decided to name his girl Reenee (rEnE).
Rube and Reenee kinda flows to me!

Reenee is the Curvy Barbie Hockey Player, with 11 points of articulation,
and as soon as I saw her I thought she'd be a good partner for him😊
My only disappointment,
her head can only move from side to side, not up and down.

And I love these behind the scene type pics...
Shows just how little space I'm really working with!
The calendar page is only 12" wide.

So that's what's new here folks.
I wanted to pop in to say we're still here,
and will be for a long time!
~I πŸ’— my little Barbie world~
Just needed some time off to get the new garden situated,
and am pleased to report it is doing well,
and I've been sharing lots of garden goodies recently:@)

From everyone here at DIY Barbie Blog,
we wish you a very Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Wherever the road may lead you😎


  1. So cute! Happy 4th to you too

  2. Rube is quite the hipster isn't he? I had no idea you could get dolls like this with quite such a substantial beard! They look like they are having a fun weekend!


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