Saturday, August 4, 2018

Easy No Sew Wrap Dress for Barbie from Old T-Shirt ~Free Pattern

Got a worn old soft t-shirt, scissors and 10 minutes? Perfect, you can make this Quick No Sew Wrap Dress for Barbie with your girls! The minute I saw an ad for the bathing suit wrap pictured below I knew this would be a fun project for Barbie. What I like about this idea in particular is, even though the edges are raw, the knit fabric doesn't unravel and the rounded shape adds fun detail. I like this length with both the doll standing and sitting down. Want it to be more discrete? Simply add a little length to the lower curves and bottom. 

A pic of the back, 
not fancy but this is intended to be an easy no-sew project girls can make for themselves.

Save the pic to your computer,
use the scroll button on your mouse until the distance between the two lines is one inch.
 Simply cut one from soft knit fabric and add a little slit on each side to slide the dolls arms through.

Kids having a birthday or sleepover party? 
One adult t-shirt should easily be enough for at least 6 dresses.
One flat pattern piece = one dress.

To dress doll: 
  1. Place the center of the dress on her back right side out, below her shoulders. 
  2. Bring one side under her arm, over chest and slide her other arm through the hole. 
  3. Wrap the other side under her arm and over chest and slide the opposite arm through the hole. 
  4. Smooth out the front where the fabric overlaps. You may find that the open side sticks out a bit, just push it against her side with your finger and put her arm down. Wa-la! 
  5. If you want the side to stay down and the dress to look more finished you can add a belt. 
  6. The thinner and more worn the t-shirt, the better it drapes.
My inspiration (sorry I don't have a link):

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  1. I need to get a thrift store Barbie and start making clothes!

  2. I have been surfing your blog and you have some really cute things! I want to try this one too!


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