Saturday, January 23, 2021

Barbie Hutch from $1 Doll House Furniture -Upcycle

I picked up a couple pieces of 1:12 scale doll house furniture from Dollar Tree and decided to stack them to create a more Barbie size hutch. Everything was spray painted gold, and wa-la! A custom piece of furniture for doll houses and dioramas. The most time consuming part was waiting for the paint to dry... I removed the little legs from the bottom of the drawers and glued on some 1" wooden beads for height. Barbie says it's nice to have the table tops for knick-knacks, trinkets and goodies (anyone remember 45 RPM record players?).

A second option, recycling the shelf from an accessory pack of shoes to add a third level:

This unit is 9 1/2" tall with the top shelf,
6" tall without the shelf.
Would I paint it gold again?
Maybe not, but when I started this project that was the color I had, so that's what I used😉
Other DIY projects and ideas:

What I started with:
I used the shelving unit that came with the Mattel shoe set similar to above.
This one with the headbands had holes in it and wasn't ideal.

I picked up a new placemat for a rug/floor covering...
Love the detail of the thin woven look, it fits the 1:6 scale well.
Barbie says furniture options are a good thing😊

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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  1. Very cute Lynn. Once you get your head on for doll scale, it is amazing what you can cobble together. How about some white or black on the knobs. This would be a great project for kids to paint with acrylics, too...! Hugs, Sandi


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