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Bibbed Skirt for Barbie (and Curvy Barbie, Chelsea, Kelly) -4 Free Patterns -No Sew

I always run through the Barbie isle at the stores looking for inspiration and I've held the Mattel outfit shown below in my hand several times. I like the bibbed skirt, but didn't really think I needed to buy the outfit to be able to make a simple pattern. Well, the other day it was at Dollar Tree so home it came! This is an easy project that comes together fairly quickly, one girls can most likely make for themselves. An added bonus, Barbie says bibbed skirts are in style this year, we see them in both the women's and girl's departments at the stores.

The kids dolls:
Chelsea has a little diamond mesh bling on the bib and as straps,
and Kelly is getting ready for Halloween­čśÄ

Mattel's version has side seams, mine is one piece, with one seam in the back and added straps. I used hot glue for the back seam, but it can also be sewn closed. The best fabric choices for no-sew are felt or flannel. As we're coming to the end of summer, I've made all four of mine from felt. The skirt is designed to be loose and slip up over the doll's hips, no velcro or snap closure needed. 

My inspiration:

Pattern for Standard (Belly Button) Barbie:

Curvy Barbie:

(You might want to flare the sides a tad more.)


This would really be a fun project for a sleepover craft or birthday party...
Felt is about 25¢ a sheet, you can get several dresses from one sheet.
You could even make the dresses ahead of time and just let the girls decorate them.

Cut one from non-fraying fabric. Aim to cut on the ~outside~ of the black line.
Using straps of choice (the same fabric, ribbon, cording, thin ruffle, or any trim embellishment), hot glue to inside of fabric.
Notes: These felt straps are approximately 5" long x 1/4" wide. The cording on the tan skirt is approximately 13" long and the center was glued to the top center of the bib, long sides left loose, cut ends secured with clear nail polish to prevent fraying. The cord gets tied behind the doll's neck. 
Best suggestion: Lay whatever you are using over the dolls shoulders and cut to length.

Glue or sew back seam. I simply laid one side 1/4" over the other. 

Dress doll, drape the straps over her shoulders, trim if necessary (but remember the idea for this is to be a skirt that lays a bit lower and looser on her hips). Hot glue to front of skirt.
For Chelsea I glued three strips of diamond mesh to bib, cut the middle strip out to create straps and laid them over her shoulders, glued to inside back of skirt. 
For Kelly: I glued the 1/8" ribbon straps to the inside of the bib first, then laid the ribbon over the shoulders and glued to inside of back of skirt.

Embellish as desired with buttons, sewing trim, hand sewn seams, add pockets, appliques etc.

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Love that pink cotton candy colored hair! She's from the latest Fashionista line:@)

  2. Brilliant, Barbie is so on trend! This reminds me of the Cleo pattern from Tilly and the Buttons pattern which has been SO popular over here in the UK!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'd forgotten about using felt for doll clothes.

    Bibbed dresses in now? Ok. Now I know ;-)


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