Thursday, July 7, 2022

Barbie Quick & Easy Summer Crafts -Free Patterns & Tutorials

So the kid's excitement of school ending in June, and the anticipation of July 4th festivities has passed, and I'm guessing you may be hearing "I'm bored" right about now:@) I thought I'd put together a hodge-podge of easy Barbie craft ideas, most are no sew, and several would even be good group projects for a birthday party or sleepover. I'll add lots of links in case you want to see more, and you can always stop by my Pinterest Board to see every post from the blog, 420 pins as of this time. Or maybe let the kids scroll through the board themselves, they can pick out a project or two that catches their eye. 

I'll start with the easiest idea,
this No-Sew, No-Hem Sundress literally comes together in seconds.
And I love that we're recycling an old tank top!

Here are links for two more tutorials for no-sew tops, a Handkerchief Top and Swing Top:

Another inexpensive craft idea is using balloons...

If your girl is a little older and wants to learn to sew,
I have a picture tutorial showing how to make a Barbie Dress from a 6" Square of Fabric,

And of course Barbie is all about the accessories😉
Some of my favorite projects are recycling things headed to the trash bin,
into something fun and useful...
And pretty!
How to make a Boho Handbag and a cute Unicorn Headband:
Click to find everything with my recycling label and headband label.

And if there's a Barbie in your life, 
there's probably a Ken too...

There you have a few ideas folks, 
just a little something to help the kids fill some time and stay busy.
Make something just for fun and,
Have a great summer😎

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