Saturday, July 16, 2022

Barbie 1:6 Scale Plants from Dollar Tree Floral Picks -Easy Craft

As soon as I saw the fall floral picks they were putting out at Dollar Tree I knew they'd make great 1:6 scale plants and greenery for Barbie:@) The little trophies (and house background) are from DT too. I also think the urns would look great spray painted white or black, and I may be headed back for an orange pick for fall... Start with the wire stem, you can make the plants as tall or full as you'd like by adding branches. This outdoor one has four of the little sprays on it.

And the indoor one is wispier, and only has two sprays. I added some clay to the inside of the urns,
a little recycled stryrofoam would work too. Simply stick the wire stem into the filler. After making two planters, I still have three sprays leftover.
World map background and Barbie statue are also from Dollar Tree, I spray painted the mermaid lightly with white.

The pick I bought:

Lots of colors to choose from. Orange and purple would be great for Halloween, and of course pink always works in Barbie's world:

And the trophy party favors I started with:

Barbie says, make something just for fun...

And have a happy day😊

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