Saturday, April 18, 2020

Halter Dress for Kelly Doll from Small Balloon (Barbie) DIY

Popping in with a quick little rainy day craft... This halter dress for Kelly dolls only requires a balloon, scissors and a couple minutes of your time. It would be fun for girls to have a few in different colors and you get a bunch of balloons in each pack.

Now, I wish I could tell you with certainty what size balloon this is, but my pack just said "assorted sizes". It is approximately 2" at the widest point and I can tell you they would make a balloon that's smaller than 9".

Cut balloon in half.

Cut the back off of the neck of the balloon.
This creates the front of the top.

Round the corners a bit.
Cut a slit in the center of the neck of the balloon.
This creates the halter top, the hole goes over the doll's head.
Cut the bottom straight across.

Dress doll by slipping dress up over her legs and stretch hole over her head.
A view of the back of the dress.

Kelly says "bye, see you next time"...


  1. You are definitely having too much fun with balloons...very cute and it works perfectly. I'm thinking masks can be done...sadly there is not a balloon in the house-we had a huge waterfight last summer...LOL and they all got used up, even the BIG ones...too much fun. I hope we will have a family fight again---someday! Sandi

    1. The good thing about balloon crafts is, you get a bunch of them in one bag! I'm hoping it helps keep the kids busy while stuck at home these days:@)


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