Saturday, April 18, 2020

Halter Dress for Kelly Doll from Small Balloon (Barbie) DIY

Popping in with a quick little rainy day craft... This halter dress for Kelly dolls only requires a balloon, scissors and a couple minutes of your time. It would be fun for girls to have a few in different colors and you get a bunch of balloons in each pack.


  1. You are definitely having too much fun with balloons...very cute and it works perfectly. I'm thinking masks can be done...sadly there is not a balloon in the house-we had a huge waterfight last summer...LOL and they all got used up, even the BIG ones...too much fun. I hope we will have a family fight again---someday! Sandi

    1. The good thing about balloon crafts is, you get a bunch of them in one bag! I'm hoping it helps keep the kids busy while stuck at home these days:@)


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