Saturday, February 16, 2019

Unicorn Headband with Braid for Barbie -From Bottle Ring, Pipe Cleaner and Yarn

This Unicorn Headband with Braid for Barbie is a cute craft that most likely uses items you already have around the house. This is one of those projects that would be perfect for a girls birthday party or sleepover, I'm thinking it should keep them occupied for about an hour. Especially if they want to make them in different colors, maybe one pastel and one primary color headband.

I'll show two options, one with the braid glued directly to the headband and 3/4 covered in pipe cleaner, 
and the tutorial below shows the band completely covered in the pipe cleaner and braid glued to pipe cleaner.

1 sturdy bottle ring, cut open on the bottom
2 pipe cleaners, either fuzzy or blingy tinsel
6 strings of yarn, each about 20" long. Thin sport or baby weight might be best, but I'm sure you can make worsted weight work.

You'll want to use a sturdier bottle ring, I cut mine off of a bottle of vinegar. Take a look in your pantry for bottles that have a screw on cap.
I used variegated yarn I had on hand. If you have a skein of pink, blue, green, yellow, etc the braid would look neat with three solid colors.
Additional embellishments could include, buttons, ribbons, pop-poms, etc.

Fold yarn in half, divide into three sections of 4 strands each and create your braid to desired length
(mine is about 2 3/4" long).

 Bend pipe cleaner in half and place around center of ring. 

 Twist the pipe cleaner around the ring about 3 times, make a large loop for an ear.

 Do the same on the other side.

Finish wrapping the pipe cleaner to completely cover the ring.
~Or~ Cover ring up to the second ear if gluing braid directly to ring.

 Create the horn by either wrapping the second pipe cleaner around a knitting need (size 10-ish), a pencil, 
or just free hand it.

Hot glue the horn to the headband.
I think it's super cute right now😉

Hot glue the braid to the headband. Trim loose end of braid to desired length.

Gently bend horn slightly forward.
(Or glue it leaning slightly forward in that step above.)
Put headband on doll and smile! 

Barbie says:

I say:
~Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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