Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Barbie's Valentine's Day Livingroom Decorations -Diorama

Barbie did a little decorating for Valentine's Day and wanted to show off the livingroom:@) I finally found some Loctite Fun-Tak and it's perfect for sticking things to the dollhouse walls and helping itty items stay put. The best part, no holes, no pulling paper off walls, no sticky residue, and I can change out the look as desired. As you can tell, we're rolling with the pink right now, I mentioned before, it's hard to fight city hall ~or Mattel~...

A broader shot.
Looks like a cozy little space... 
Well, Ken sure seems to think so!

Perfect for now, but the options for placement are limitless.
I might even ditch the stand and put it on a shelf on the wall to save space.

Lovin' the cute wall art-perfect for Valentine's Day

One last quick pic looking towards the right:

And a shot towards the left...
I'm using a vanity as Barbie's desk. 
Love the look of it and wouldn't have any use for it otherwise...
This dollhouse just isn't big enough for a dedicated bedroom or bathroom.
The mirror will be covered with corkboard soon, making it a fun inspiration board.
Barbie says every girl needs an inspiration board😀
I still have to extend the floor all the way to the left,
need to cover the space where the elevator used to be.

Couches/ottoman/vanity, from thrift store.
Tables dollar store.
K & B wall art, basket over fireplace, and ball bouquet, after Christmas clearance ornaments.
Pink tree-after Christmas clearance. Beaded garland from dollar store.
Beaded mantle decoration = 98¢ bead bin from Walmart (amazing!).
Floor covering is a placemat.

💕Make something just for fun,
and have a happy day!

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  1. Very cute Valentine diorama! Love the pillow too.

  2. Love it! That red love seat and ottomon is wonderful. Plus, the keyboard is a fun addition!!

    Yeah, I can't wait to hear Bill's logic on who he'll root for. Not sure we have a favorite.

  3. Looks great, what a comfortable room, and Ken looks like he is really enjoying it. Fun Tak is great! And, clearly they are ready to stay! Sandi

  4. Ken really does look quite comfy on that cute sofa and ottoman. The room looks so great. I particularly love the fireplace and mantel. Even the throw is so cozy looking. You’re so clever, Lynn. 💖


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