Monday, October 25, 2021

Barbie's Halloween Party 2021

Barbie decided the groovy greens and purples of the original doll house livingroom would be perfect for a Halloween party! So we had one before I did any permanent wall papering. It was a busy night with guests floating in and flying out... Bones provided the music. An accomplished musician in a past life... Rumor has it he (oh yes, I'm gonna say it) played his fingers to the bones:@)

Costumes were welcome, some dressed up more than others...

The bat people were well represented...

And there were a couple hippies from the 1960's-70's... Peace, love, rock and roll!

A cute flapper outfit from the roaring 20's. She even brought her saxophone to accompany Bones for a few soulful tunes...

And every party needs some food... Barbie's Halloween tiered tray of snacks, (tutorial here):

Two little gremlins are hoping nobody sees them hiding under the table past bed time... 
One curious about what the grown-ups are doing, the other hoping someone drops some food.

The party went on long into the witching hours of the night, when camera flashes were needed for pictures😈

After a while the snack table was pushed to the side for some dancing. This time of year you have to be careful, is he bending in to kiss her cheek... Or to bite her neck!

And of course there's always time for a little doll gossip... Is Bones trying to hold Barbie's hand? ~Are they dating??~ Where's Ken???
Only the ssssnake knows for sureπŸ˜‰

πŸŽƒWe wish everyone a little spooky fun this Halloween season:@)
From our house to yours, have a happy day!

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