Monday, May 11, 2020

Knit Fuzzy Sparkle Yarn Throw Blanket and Pillow for Barbie-DIY

If there was ever a yarn that screamed Barbie, it would have to be a line called Sparkle Yarn:) I found it at Dollar Tree and just had to bring a skein home. My hardest decision was choosing the color, all are kind of pastel, and at first I didn't even notice the white... I'm glad I finally did! I knew the finished project ~could~ be kind of bulky so I purposely used thick needles and a loose stitch on the blanket. The pillow was the exact opposite, I aimed for thin needles and a tightly closed stitch. The doll blanket would be a nice easy beginner's project for kids to learn to knit (using any yarn you have on-hand).

What I did:
Size 11 knitting needles.
Cast on 20 stitches.
Loosely knit stitch until you reach your desired length.
Cast off, weave in ends.

Size 2 knitting needles.
Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit stitch until you get a rectangle that will be the size of the pillow you want when folded in half lengthwise.
Cast off, weave in ends.
Fold in half lengthwise, stuff with cotton ball(s) if desired, use sparkle yarn to sew the three open ends closed.

 Barbie's thrilled with her new home decor😎

The yarn I used.
My best tip: Try to find a skein at the store where you can see the loose end of the yarn...
Trust me, just sayin'.

 How the yarn looks. It's basically a thin string with 3/8" long white iridescent fringe.
While this is a fun yarn, it can be kind of scratchy...
I'd stick to crafts instead of making something for humans to wear. 
So far Barbie hasn't complained about itching😉


  1. So cute! I always look forward to your post!

    1. Thank you, that's so nice to hear! Have a great day:@)

  2. Oh, Such a cute setting the shelves are working great. I love the yarn and your throw. I only crochet if I pick up a needle...and I know I have some of this stashed somewhere!

    1. These might just be my two favorite photos to date! Here's hoping mother nature blesses us with lots of sunshine and natural light going forward!
      Thanks for being a good bloggy buddy Sandi, have a nice day:@)

  3. Oh, I would have loved these accessories when I was a little girl! Maybe someday I'll have a granddaughter to indulge!!!


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