Monday, December 28, 2020

Barbie House Renovation #3 -The Kitchen & Embracing the Pink

Thought I'd share a Barbie House Renovation update: I decided to keep the kitchen in it's original spot, on the lower level. While it can be challenging for pictures due to a lack of natural light, I do think it's cozy and gives me enough room to create little scenes for diorama pics. My biggest challenge... There was ~a lot~ going on in that room! Lots of color and lots of detail in the original design. A little too much for the eye, so it needed to be toned down a bit. 

First thing was to add some wood toned contact paper from Dollar Tree to the floor. 
This eliminated the hot pink and purple stamped on rug... 
I like this much better😉 

Unfortunately I can't do anything about this wooden post on the left if front of the kitchen,
it's structural...
Gotta work around it.

Next, to tackle some of the pink and purple... Now, I like pink, honestly I do. I even think of it as a neutral color that kinda goes with everything. But in Barbie's world, it can be a little... overwhelming. The original kitchen is on the left (for fun, scroll up and down a couple times. Look better?):

I have painted pieces of furniture and tried to make things look a little more grown-up for pics, but there comes a point in time where you just have to step back and say "I can't fight city hall" (or Mattel) any longer and just embrace the pink. That's why I decided my kitchen pieces would remain their original color... pink. I did add a white wall paper behind the Gloria Kitchenette, this helps calm the eye a bit. 
The wall paper covers the original stove, but the kitchenette came with a 3D stove, oven, sink, and really cool wrap around counter/breakfast bar. 

On the left side of the kitchen I kept the original 'shelving' and refrigerator (as of this moment in time anyway). The only thing I needed to change was the stamped mixer on the bottom shelf. I have a 3D Christmas ornament mixer on the counter. So the original was covered with some textural bottle stickers, a simple change.

Before and after:
I'm still working on the window, 
I'd like it larger and to be able to change the view with the seasons...

The right side just looks calmer and less busy to me...

Well, that's my update for today folks... I plan to keep modifying as time goes on, it's a nice cold weather project and it has been fun! The kitchen is the heart of a home and I think Barbie's is coming together nicely.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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  1. Your mom set you up for a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing more renovations :)


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