Thursday, August 13, 2020

Dog Days of Summer -Shoe Box Tales August 2020

The scene: It was a beautiful mid to late summer day, one of the precious few with clear blue skies, huge puffy white clouds and low humidity. Barbie took Ruff to the dog park for a game of catch to work off some puppy energy. The park was crowded with like minded people. After a few tosses of the ball she attracted some attention and tripped over another furry visitor. Arms and legs flailing, she fell and landed on her back. It didn't take long to make a few more friends:@) Lots of excitement, wiggles, wags and kisses... 
After a few minutes of giggling and puppy love...

A handsome stranger offered to help her up...
"Hi, I'm Ken".

Yes, not a bad way to enjoy a summer day😉

Shoe Box Tales will be a fictitious series of random conversations and situations.
All photos will be taken with the doll's backs laying flat against the bottom of the shoe box lid.

I'm Joining:

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