Monday, August 10, 2020

Ribbon Top for Barbie with Ruffle Capelet Trim

My favorite sewing trim has to be ruffles, no doubt about it! I thought this capelet variation of my simple no-sew ribbon top would be pretty with a sheer ruffle draped over the doll's shoulders, this particular one has a fun iridescent thread and beaded edging. The ruffle meets in the lower center of the top and is joined with a bead and rhinestone embellishment to make it even more glitzy. A perfect top for the warmer days of summer and elegant enough for a special occasion. I can see it at the holidays with a long skirt. Any thin fabric or lace ruffle that drapes and is at least 2" wide would work.
Shiny and hard to photograph, but really pretty!

Drape the ruffle around her neck, over her shoulders, and meet in the middle, cut to size.
Gather the two cut sides of the ruffle and sew together with needle and thread.
I hot glued the ruffle to the bottom of the blouse, then glued the decoration over the gather.

Three more ribbon top ideas:

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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  1. These are very pretty, and quite easy. I love how you showed all the different materials! Hugs to you and the 'girls', Sandi


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