Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day! At the Lake Diorama -Spring

It was a beautiful day and Barbie, Joe, baby (and photographer) were thrilled to be at the lake for Mother's Day enjoying the spring weather! Things are beginning to green up nicely and it gives promise of great days ahead.

Puffy clouds floating by on a cool breeze...
But nice and warm when the sun was out.

(Joe's thinking he'd much rather be holding a fishing pole than flowers...)

But he says honestly, it's not a bad way to spend a special day😉
Swaddled Newborn tutorial here.
My garden swing is from the thrift store $1.
Barbie is wearing a Sparkle Girlz top (free pattern and tutorial coming soon).
And while a tad snug, Ken clothes do fit GI Joe (for the most part).

Editorial Note: I was looking forward to my first photo shoot at the lake, couldn't believe it when I got there and all of the picnic tables were roped off because of Covid19! Believe me, I was glad I kept props, etc, very simple because I set-up on a park bench and ended up squatting down to take pictures. This park isn't too far from home, I'd like to continue with pics as the year goes on and seasons change... Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and I can pack a lunch and make it a true outing😎

🌼Happy Mother's Day Everyone-enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous photo, and sweet family. Joe looks great, a bit uncomfortable like all the Joe's do. Grins, and hope you had a great day!

    1. Thanks Sandi, it was fun setting up at the lake, I'd like to start a little 'at the lake' series. Set-up went pretty quickly since I had it staged at home first. I was wondering if I'd be concerned about what other folks that saw me would think, but I just worked on getting photos and left with a smile:@)

  2. That's fab. Joe does look a little uncomfortable holding the flowers but he tries to cover it up which is nice!!!


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