Monday, May 6, 2019

Swaddled Newborn for Barbie -DIY From Wooden Bead and Felt

While I've been having fun with the Barbie baby I bought at Walmart, I'd guess he's around 9 months to a year old. I wanted to make a newborn and simply used a large wooden bead for the head. Since it's a newborn baby I'd be facing him towards Barbie for photos and only really needed to give the illusion of a head. I like that the natural color of the bead is similar to Barbie's skin tone too. And of course the bead could be painted, or you could use a pre-painted bead, if desired.

Large wooden bead, mine is a 1 1/4" oval, ideally it would be smaller, and it could be round
3" square of felt for blanket
1" x 5" strip of felt to roll up for body
Glue, I used a hot glue gun

Tightly roll strip of felt up to create the baby's body, glue edge so it doesn't unravel.
Glue body to bead.

Center bead in corner of blanket and glue in place.

Bring bottom corner of blanket up over body and glue to body.

Bring corner of blanket across body, slightly covering face, and glue to side of body.

Wrap second corner over body, slightly covering face, and wrapping around side of body, glue in place.
Wa-la, you've created one snuggly wrapped newborn baby!

Need a bassinet for the new baby?
You can find my tutorial for making one from a recycled shampoo bottle HERE.

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