Friday, May 8, 2020

New Shelving Unit for Barbie House Dioramas

I've been having fun trying to take pictures of Barbie posing in 'real life' settings and decided to pick up an inexpensive white shelf storage unit. I decided to go this route because the natural lighting in my home is sparse and the open sides will help bring in as much as possible. This is a four shelf unit, 22" wide, 14" deep and 48" tall. Another thing I like about it is, while it's taller than the little table I was using, it's not any wider, so it fit in the same spot. Extra bonus, new Barbie Dream House = $178, my shelves = $15.

In my fantasy world each shelf would be a different space:
I'd be able to create a bedroom/bathroom/home office on the bottom shelf.
Second level would be the livingroom -best natural lighting for photos.
Third level would be the kitchen and dining area -next best for lighting.
And the top shelf would get lined with astro turf and be the grilling and outdoor area. 

In my real world however, the shelves sit on a work table. The bottom shelf is pretty dark for photos and the top shelf is about one foot from the ceiling. But, that could possibly change with a little rearranging, we'll see. 

While my new shelves aren't anything fancy, they do give me more space and flexibility for decorating than marketed Barbie houses. ~And~ they are an upgrade from the table I found on trash day and was using until now:

The Plano shelves from Walmart I'm starting with:

I'm excited to see how this new project evolves, and hope you'll play along with me!
Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊


  1. LOL, I do agree, $178 for a pink abomination or ...nice white shelves. SCORE!!!


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