Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Witch Cape for Barbie from Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag, No-Sew

Every once in a while I end up with a plastic grocery bag that's a really cool color... When I saw this electric green, I immediately saw a fun witch cape for Barbie. This idea is so easy, I debated about writing it up, but I think it turned out kinda cute. Oh, and it took about 2 seconds... I think this would be great for Halloween play and something girls can easily do for themselves.
Now, I'm sure someone is thinking, isn't it just a plastic bag? 
The answer is yes. But isn't a big part of child's play imagination? 

  1. Grab the top of the handles and bottom of the bag and tug it so it's stretched thin.
  2. Wrap the handles around Barbie's neck and tie closed.
  3. Tug the "corners" of the bag apart and shape the bag like a cape around the doll's shoulders.
  4. Cut the bottom seam off where the cape touches the ground and cut the handles open.
  5. Add a witch hat (from Dollar Tree), wa-la!
**Safety Note: Plastic bags can be dangerous for small children. This might be a better craft for older kids. I do suggest cutting the bottom seam of the bag off so it's not an enclosed bag. You could even cut the bag in half creating one layer of cape (or two capes).

Make something just for fun and have a Happy Halloween Season🎃

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