Sunday, September 29, 2019

Halloween Skeleton Arms Serving Utensils for Barbie

Barbie would love a set of these fun skeleton serving utensils for her Halloween party this year! Gotta love Dollar Tree folks, they sparked this idea and I really think the serving forks are cute. They have sets of adult skeleton serving utensils (yep, I have a set) and a smaller set of skeletons they sell as garland. The arms from the 6" skeletons are a great scale for Barbie:) A quick snip-snip and Barbie has something fun to serve Halloween dinner!

What I did, super simple:
Snip the arms off 6" Dollar Tree skeletons at shoulder-done:@)


  1. Halloween must be good, for Barbie to join in. Very creative.

    1. Hello, yes Halloween has always been a fun holiday for me! Thanks for stopping by:)


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