Saturday, September 21, 2019

Witch Hats for Barbie, Chelsea or Kelly Dolls -DIY Dollar Store Craft

I've been looking at these Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree for years and finally decided it was time to pick up a pack. I was tickled to see turning them into witch hats for Barbie was even easier than I thought it would be. The hats are basically pipe cleaners wrapped around a hollow plastic cone with a circle of felt glued to the bottom to create a brim. And the best part, you get three different colored hats for $1.

The hats I started with:

Twist the stick out of the bottom of the hat.
Insert a pair of scissors into the hole in the felt bottom and cut out a circle, use the plastic cone as a guide.

The hat will fit on Chelsea and Kelly size dolls as is. 

Barbie will need something to help hold it on her head.
I hot glued a 2 1/2" piece of thin elastic to the plastic cone inside the hat, then used a black Sharpie to color it.
(I suggest using a longer piece of elastic if you have it.)

The idea is, the elastic goes under the back of Barbie's hair like a headband.
You could also glue on two pieces of ribbon and tie them into a bow under the doll's chin.

Super cute and a great craft for a Halloween party or girl's sleepover.


  1. Very cute and so simple. Thanks for sharing with us at the Hello Fall party. Pinned.


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