Saturday, October 5, 2019

Snowman Costume from Dollar Tree Ornament for Chelsea Doll -Halloween or Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (Barbie)

This snowman costume idea only takes a couple minutes to construct (or more acuraturaly, de-construct), and you'll have a fun photo prop, Halloween costume, or silly outfit for an ugly sweater Christmas party. And yep, I do advocate girls dressing their dolls for such occasions:) I love how Chelsea's pretty eyes really stand out in the pics. For reference, Chelsea is the 5 1/2" doll in Barbie's world.

 The ornament I started with:

Carefully open the bottom seam with either a seam ripper of pair of scissors.
Pull out as much stuffing as you can.

Cut as close to the bottom of the hat as you can,
then cut a curve down the sides of the face and cut straight across right above the nose.

On the back (felt side) cut two 1/2"-ish slits high on the second layer of the snowman for arm holes.

Cut an opening up the center of the back, all the way up to the bottom of the hat. 
This will make it easier to dress the doll.

To dress Chelsea:
Start by pushing the hat onto her head. Then push arms through holes.
Back will be open, you can close it with tape or add a little velcro with a hot glue gun.  
One other idea I thought about after pictures:
Take the nose off and hot glue it back on so it stands out straight instead of to the side.

A bonus, once everyone is done playing with the snowman costume, 
you can cut off the glued on hat and use that for winter outfits for both male and female dolls.
Ken says... Snowboarding anyone???

 Re-imagine something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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