Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Barbie: Christmas Sweater Ornaments at Target 2022 -Ornament #3

They're here! This year's Christmas sweater ornaments at Target are adorable, and have a more elegant design. Instead of a theme'd ugly Christmas sweater look as in years past, they come in white and gray, and are simply embroidered with either a gold metallic tree or snowflake. Great for the dolls to wear all winter long. You will find the necks a little tighter this year, it's best to dress a doll with a squishier (or removable) head. 3/4 length sleeves, and a bonus... They are simply tacked onto the hanger with thread, instead of hot glue like some other ornaments, making them easier to remove from the hanger:@) 

And the tree:

Target kept last year's pricing. 
They may be the ~only~ thing that hasn't gone up in price this year... 
Thank you Target!

Grab it when you see it,
$3 for a Barbie and/or Ken sweater is hard to beat😎

Have a happy day!

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  1. Wow that's a lovely sweater! It would look nice in black as well, or the grey you mention. I was not online for a while, but have a new blog now to which you're warmly invited: . :) Lots of greetings, Linda

  2. WOW! I got them too! Did you see the jackets with the skies attached to them? I got them in red, white and green! I plan to take the skis off and open up the jackets. I also got the bear and moose pillows for a nice country look in a doll home. Thanks for your suggested about the Santa jacket. I picked one up!


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