Monday, November 7, 2022

Easy Tulle Holiday Wrap for Barbie -DIY

I think we're all familiar with the little rolls of tulle at Dollar Tree, Walmart, and other stores. Every season or holiday they change out the colors and designs, some have glitter, some multi colored, etc. The rolls with a little white kept catching my eye, so I decided to get a true red to see how it would look as a super easy, yet elegant, holiday wrap for Barbie. I love it:@) Honestly folks, all it takes is one cut and a little shaping on the doll-done!

This idea works for any Barbie body type,
standard, tall, short, and today's model is Curvy Barbie.
I made mine calf length, about 20" long.
Shorter would be cute for a more casual look.

The tulle I started with:

Not ready for Christmas yet?
How about one in a harvest color to take the chill off 
while heading to Thanksgiving dinner😉

Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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  1. Hi, Lynn, for some reason I can actually comment...moving into the new comp this next week. Hugs, love the aprons on the other post and this stuff is so cute too! Sandi


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