Saturday, November 12, 2022

New Sweets Cart at Barbie's Cousin Rube's Farm -The Holidays are Coming!

Even though Barbie's Cousin Rube and his girl Reenee live on a farm, they do sell to the public... So like every other store, as soon as Halloween was over, they did a quick turn-around to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year's addition to the farm store is a sweets stand. They found a local baker and candy maker that specializes in hand pulled taffy, fudge and lollypops, as well as spectacular baked treats. On crisp or cold clear days the stand is rolled out onto the grounds, they make room in the barn store if it's raining or heavily snowing. And please play along with me here, Peace and Pancakes Farm is a little further north than Barbie's house in the city, so the ground already has a light covering of snow.

Reenee's excited to help set-up the cart and decorate it for the holidays:@) 
She's in her ugly Santa sweater, kinda her uniform for work this season...

What I started with, $5 from Walmart.
Bought it a year ago and it's just been sitting on my shelf.
Cupcakes, cotton candy machine, lollypops.
And those itty colorful things are gummy bears!

But the cart needed a little Christmas makeover...
I covered the canopy in a tan fabric that looks a little more like canvas,
and it will work for any time of year.
I really wanted to cover all of the purple in a wood look contact paper,
but those wheels are on pretty sturdily, and I don't want to break them.
So a simple skirt in holiday motif was the solution.
Since it's a sweets cart, the flanking Pez Statues look right at home๐ŸŽ…
Basket of cookies is a $1 thrift store Hallmark ornament.

I can't budge the candy stand...
But will ask my sons if they can๐Ÿ˜‰
I like it, but not right up front like that,
uses up too much valuable real estate...

In a perfect world, the candy stand moves,
and I get/find/make some thin shelves to display cakes, etc.
There's a lot of un-used vertical space.

The tiered tray got a quick coating of silver spray paint.
Love the tiered tray, and I'll use that in the dollhouse kitchen too.

Merry sign cut from a sale flyer, just to quickly cover the original wording.
The great candy canes are from Ma's craft stash-love them!

And a little peek into how Rube's Christmas Shop is starting to look...
Hand crafted toys, that Elf seems to be ~everywhere...
And of course, his biggest seller of the the year,

Reenee says she hopes to see you at the farm!!!

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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