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Summer Overalls for Rubeus Hagrid 1:6 Scale Doll (Cousin Rube) -Free Pattern

It was a rainy cold Saturday this Memorial Day Weekend, so I locked myself in the craft room and Cousin Rube got some new summer duds:@) Since he's a cool guy, I made some long length overall shorts in a fun red, white and blue stripe with a touch of Barbie pink! Lovin' that bottom fringe, it really seems to fit his persona. Gotta tell ya folks, while ~far~ from perfect, I'm tickled with the way this turned out for my first attempt. And honestly, this is the type of outfit I had in mind when I first posted about this doll

If you've read reviews about this Harry Potter Series doll, his body type needs the straps to hold the pants up over his barrel belly, and the long length helps cover the thin legs. 

And since Rube's a hippie farm boy (in my Barbie world), overalls were a natural choice.
Oversized bib gives adequate coverage for extra hot summer days.

I used the pants he came in as a guide for the pattern.
The original has elastic at the waist and the waistband goes up to, just about, under his arms.
My fabric was a medium weight denim, $1 a yard from Walmart almost 20 years ago??? 
Wow, time flies.

My pattern for Big Guy Shorts/Overalls:

What I did:
  1. Cut 2 pattern pieces on fold.
  2. Fold bottom of leg holes over 1/4" and hem. Alternately, run zig-zag stitch across so you can fringe them later.
  3. Place two pieces right sides together. Sew 1/4" seam from front waist to crotch.
  4. Fold waistband over 1/4" and hem. 
  5. Fold right sides together and sew back from waist to crotch.
  6. At this point they look like shorts. 
  7. Sew up leg seam, through crotch area and down the other leg. Carefully clip a little notch or two on inside of shorts up near crotch area (don't cut the sew line of thread), do this on all four seams. This will help ~a bit~ with the bunching of fabric in that area.
  8. Turn right side out, this creates a very loose fitting pair of shorts.
  9. For the bib: I cut a 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" rectangle. 
  10. Fold top over 1/4" hem. Fold both sides over 1/4" hem.
  11. Center bib on front of pants. with right sides together match the bottom of bib to the top of waistband, sew 1/4" seam. (Next time I'm going to try adding the bib while I hem the waistband.)
  12. *I decided to add a pocket to the bib as an afterthought. I didn't measure, just cut a small rectangle, folded the top over and hemmed. Fold two sides over (iron would be best), then fold bottom up. Center it and sew onto bib.
  13. For the straps: I chose to cut two 1/2" wide strips of fabric, folded them in half and ran a zig-zag stitch up the center. Any natural fringe that occurs on the outer edge is welcome. We could also use ribbon or cording. Ideally you can always make proper seamed and turned straps, I'm sure Google can help with that.
  14. I sewed each strap on to the back, let them fall over the shoulders, then sewed them to the front while adding a 3/8" button. Trim excess strap fabric.
  15. Wa-la one pair of overalls for a big guy.
  16. *Update: Revised pattern and instructions for long pants overalls here.
Pic of the side:

Pic of the back:

Cousin Rube wishes everyone...
Peace, Love, and Pancakes😎

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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  1. Ha, this is great Lynne, and what a cool doll. Thanks for the pattern, I wonder if it would work on a curvy? Hugs, Sandi

  2. Spent this evening scrolling though you lovely blog! I have to agree with you about this doll and being on the hunt for interesting dolls to add to my collection. His belly and skinny legs also make him interesting. Not everyone needs to look like Ken. I have seen his head place on a Dumbledore body. They say it makes finding clothes easier. I like him how he is! I will have to borrow your idea of the BRM hoodie. I have purchase some pants in different colors from Dolls Viewpoint on Etsy.


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