Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Barbie says Saturday is World Doll Day! #WorldDollDay

Did you know there is a World Doll Day? Yep, every year it's the second Saturday in June. It started in 1986 as a way to help spread the universal message of love and happiness, and to recognize the contribution dolls have made to child development. It also encourages folks to give the gift of a doll, especially to a child that does not have one. You can read more here.

How can we participate?
Perhaps reach out to community groups and charities to see about a toy drive.
Or maybe use this as a day to go through our own collections and donate to thrift stores.
And speaking of thrift stores, mine usually has some group of items on sale,
suggest to them that this Saturday it should be dolls, or toys in general.
And it's never too early to begin thinking ahead,
how about picking up a doll or two and storing them for Toys for Tots at Christmas.
I also understand we can share pics of our dolls on social media #WorldDollDay.

Look at that...
A day doll enthusiasts everywhere can support!😉


  1. I do a doll donation every year at Christmas and shopping year round is the BEST way to make it an affordable project. Nobody cares if you bought the doll on sale months before Christmas to donate, they just are thrilled they have a fun toy to play with on Christmas morning.

  2. Hi, Lynn. Great info and lovely photo, I already have my 'gift' stash box started!


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