Thursday, February 3, 2022

Crochet (or Knit) Button Wrap for Barbie -Free Pattern

Note: I was going to hold this post for Saturday, but hear a lot of folks may be snowed in right now and looking for a project or two... 

I'm always searching for blog inspiration and as soon as I saw a beautiful crochet wrap with decorative button, I knew it would be a fun Barbie project. Use your craft of choice, crochet or knitting, and I might knit one and update pics if Philadelphia gets another snowy day:@)  This is a great beginner's crochet project. I love that it calls for so few stitches in each row, kids will see progress quickly, encouraging them to continue. This simple wrap can be worn a couple ways, draped low off of one shoulder, or draped over both shoulders. And I'm sure young fashionistas will come up with some of their own ideas... 

I chained 10 for this particular wrap.
I suggest at least 12 for a bit more length. 

I've said it before folks...
I am ~not~ a student of the fiber arts.
I'm more of a "one-two-three-oh look, a shiny sequin" kind of person...
My goal is to simply share an idea that you can make for, 
or better yet ~with~ your girl.
Make it yours, if you know how to crochet or knit a fancy stitch,
have fun with it😎

One tip:
I knew sewing a button onto this loose stitch would be a problem,
so I chose to push a pipe cleaner through the button hole instead.
Then just folded the ends over toward the middle.
Just gives it a little more surface area to hold the button on.

My gorgeous inspiration:

✂What I did:
Extra thin (string type) yarn
J hook
Chain 12 or as many as desired for length from shoulder to hip.
Double crochet, or use any fancy stitch, for width. Use doll as guide, wrapping garment around her until it fits to your liking.
Sew button on, dress doll and smile😊

Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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  1. Very cute wrap for Barbie and a great tip for attaching the button!

  2. Great idea and easy accessory to make. Thanks!


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