Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Hooded Cape or Poncho for Chelsea & Kelly -Barbie Free Patterns

A while ago I made a poncho for Barbie and thought it would be fun to whip up a couple for the kid dolls too:@) My fabric is ~old~ recycled sweatpants. Chelsea's is a poncho and big enough to fold the front of the hood back, showing the fuzzy side of the material. If you don't want to see the middle seam, you could glue on a bow, pom-pom, etc. I added the snowflake button and cut a small button hole... Probably not necessary, could have just sewn the button on as decoration. I also cut arm slits for Chelsea. Kelly's is a cape and fits more snuggly. I glued some ribbon to the center back of the hood so it could be tied on securely. Two simple outerwear garments that only require one or two seams, with endless embellishment options!

Chelsea pattern:

Kelly pattern:

What I did, backstitching seams, 1/4" seam allowance:
  • Fold fabric in half, cut two pieces. 
  • With right sides together sew up back and around top of hood.
  • If making poncho, sew up from bottom front to under hood/neck. Turn right side out. Option: Make two cuts up each side of the front so the doll's arms are free to move.
  • If making cape, turn right side out, glue or sew 12" ribbon to center back of hood to tie closed around neck. Or sew on button and cut small button hole on other side.
  • Embellish as desired😎

Everyone needs some winter clothes!
And, um... 
I need to dig some shoes out of my stash for those cold little toes too...

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉


  1. Of course the little ones want capes, too! Great idea and easily adaptable for Halloween or even bunny ears...grins! Sandi

  2. These are so cute and so easy! Thanks for sharing, Lynn!


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