Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Organizing Barbie Items -Simple Storage Ideas

Ok, please allow me to start this post by saying, I'm not really sure there is such a thing as organizing Barbie:@) Once you begin to collect and gather itty doll items you quickly notice that you ~think~ you remember buying something, but where is it now? Didn't I have a pair of blue shoes? Where is that waffle for the Mother's Day brunch diorama I want to create? Well, I certainly don't have all the answers, but can share a couple ideas today. 
One of my favorite items is this small 9"x6" organizer box from Dollar Tree. I do wish I picked up a few, and will be looking for them again this weekend... What I like best is, unlike larger tackle boxes, the compartments are attached. The sides don't slide out to customize the size of the slots, which means they don't wiggle up allowing little items to move all over the box. Since the prop I use the most is glasses and drinks, this first box holds small kitchen items. My next one will help with food (separating breakfast, dinner, snacks, etc), and I love this idea for shoes too. 

My Mini Brands and Real Littles toys are stored in a quart mason jar, nice and handy, and I know exactly where they all are. Small plastic food containers help corral larger food items.

Of course one of the cheapest and easiest storage ideas are zip top bags. I have several in a big box, a separate bag for assorted household minis, eyeglasses, hats, handbags and shoes, to name a few. 

At this time doll clothes are in plastic shoe box containers. Pants and shorts, skirts and dresses in another, Ken has his own, etc. Not perfect, but a tad more organized. And I bring home empty envelope boxes from work for storage. So far there are two specialty boxes, one for fall/Halloween and the other for Christmas. Christmas may need something bigger soon. What's great is, they all stack nicely under a work table. I think you get the idea without a picπŸ˜‰

And lastly, my dolls... With the exception of a couple I always keep out on my work table, they are stored in a large plastic bin (23"Lx16"Wx12H") with a lid. If I ~stop picking up more dolls (note to self)~ this storage bin works very well. But it's getting tight in there... In the bin, I like using spaghetti sauce cans to help the dolls stand up vertically. Three girl dolls fit in each can and this helps keep the hair a little neater. 

Well folks, there are just a few of the things I do 
to try to help myself find what I want for pictures.
Do you have any tips you'd like to share?

~Have a happy day😊


  1. During back to school season I love the $1 plastic pencil boxes for storage. I use them for my craft stuff I suspect they'd work for Barbie items as well.

  2. Hi, Lynn. I peeked at your post yesterday in email, band actually went to the $$store second time since Christmas---and found the clear boxes in the automotive/men's section with tools...and bought 5 of them. Anything that helps stuff get sorted is welcome. I didn't get much more-but we do love the muffin mixes! Hugs, Sandi

    1. I hope they work out well for you! Still need to look for some more myself:@)


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