Monday, February 21, 2022

Barbie House Renovation #8: Kitchen Wallpaper

After months of trying to decide what I wanted to do with the kitchen... First I took the partial wall down between the original kitchen and bathroom to see if I wanted to make one big room. I lived with that for a while and there were many positives. But to have that work I would have to place the Gloria kitchenette in front of the stamped on refrigerator. This means I'd have to wallpaper over the fridge, I just don't want to loose that fridge right now folks... 

So the kitchen will stay small and cozy, and I'll work with this layout for pictures:@)
Next on my wish list...
A smaller round table which should help give the illusion of a larger room.
I already have the spindle base, just need a wooden top.

Wallpaper ended up being poster board, I used the duller back side to reduce glare.
In a perfect world I'll find a wooden shadow box that's wider for the shelving.
Clock is wooden star from craft bag of shapes, face was cut out of sale flyer.
Blender and mixer are Christmas ornaments.
Dome for cake stand from recycled plastic egg.
Dollar Tree contact paper for wooden floor.
My son made the window, 
I've been seasonally changing the view with pics from magazines😎

My first attempt at wallpaper, dollar store contact paper-um...
The idea was to calm the room down,
this just made it too busy, cold, and dark.
I also had a moment of brilliance...
This wooden pole, while structural, 
was unscrewed so I could slide it over, out of the way for pics!

The original kitchen:

While still a work in progress,
I am much happier with this look!
A smidge more true to life, yet on a 1:6 scale😉
Will I open the whole room up again and make it bigger eventually?
Probably, but that will wait until I find an idea I like better for the fridge.
Until then, Barbie looks pretty comfortable to me:@)


  1. Yep, white is king in dollhouses. Love your island and this kitchen works so well now---! Glad you are having some fun with this doll house! Sandi

  2. Oh, so fun!! I would have LOVED this Barbie setup when I was a child. I was so envious of my best friend who had the dream house, the car, etc.


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