Sunday, January 31, 2021

Barbie House Renovation #4 -Fan Cave/Game Room -Philadelphia Eagles

Just in time for the Super Bowl, I decided to turn the third floor of my free Barbie house into an Eagles Fan Cave for Ken! Or as Barbie calls it... The family game room:@) A place to kick back and have a little fun! Props may be changed out for different pics and seasons (we follow all four Philly teams, and I do have a cool pool table to play with), but the main theme will always be a sports pub type den for game days. 

A broader shot:
Click the links for associated DIY projects and previous posts.

The first thing I did was cover the walls with a grayish contact paper from Dollar Tree. That was a fairly quick fix that easily covered the pink and purple (and yes, Ken thanked me😃 
The original room:
(Seriously a huge difference... Scroll up and down for a bit... And I even left the stamped area rugs!)

The contact paper also worked well with the Eagles colors. Team colors = Midnight green, white, black, gray and silver. And the NFL would like to remind everyone that it considers pink a neutral color that goes with everything... Barbie does too😊
Barbie foosball table is a new release from Mattel, it really works!
Eagles fans only sign = Clearance Christmas ornament years ago, same with oversized wine bottle.

Please play along and imagine the furniture is positioned so the dolls can see the big screen TV (ie: my camera, out of picture). My couch is from Dollar Tree, I spray painted it black. Barbie insisted there be a throw pillow or two, so we made some easy pillows. And Ken wanted his high school football trophy prominently displayed...
Chest/coffee table from Dollar Tree. This gets moved as necessary for pictures.
Window treatment = Upholstery fringe held up with glue dots.
Trophy came with the 2020 release Ken Fashion Pack basketball uniform.

Candy = mini-ornaments from AC Moore years ago. I miss AC Moore😢
The small stool next to the side table is a pill bottle with a large pom-pom for seat cushion, 
this will be changed out for wood or a different seat eventually.

The left side of the room has a door that opens onto a balcony,
Gumball machine is a magnet from Ma's craft stash.
Ut-oh... Looks like someone is nosing around for food...

Wish list items:
  • A thin L-shaped bar with shelves for bottles and glasses, and a couple skinny candle stick type stools to tuck under it that don't take up much room.
  • Creating a stained glass window to replace the fringe curtain.
  • A fun theme'd chair for an adult doll that doesn't take up much space.
It's amazing, no matter how much room these doll houses take up in our home...
They are ~dinky~ once you start trying to pose dolls in them!!!
But it's still fun😉

Barbie House Renovations:
#4 Game Room
Before and after:

Ken says he's ready for the big game!!!

Well, there you have it folks, the latest additions to the doll house.
Make something just for fun and have a happy day🏈

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