Thursday, February 24, 2022

New Barbie Items for Easter -At the stores...

Easter is late this year, April 17th. But that doesn't mean items won't be flying off the shelves early, so as always, I suggest buying it when you see it! Mattel sent an email showcasing some of their newer toys for spring, I thought it might be fun to share some here:@) In addition to what I show below, there are several outdoor sets that all come with a doll: bicycle, kayak,  jet ski and camping. All pics are from the Mattel website.

First, the brand new Cutie Reveal line:
Obviously designed after the popular singing show...
You can choose from dog, cat, panda and the bunny.

There are plenty of fashion packs with pastel colored clothes for spring.
Now they're including packs from the Extra line of dolls too.
Love that this one comes with a hair extension!

Barbie babies in animal outfits.
We will be revisiting this one soon here on DIY Barbie Blog😉

Color Reveal Pets in Easter Egg:

Sticker -n- Color Eggs (at Walmart):

And finally,
I love this Garden Playset!
It's even perfect for the balcony of my dollhouse
or as an accessory for Cousin Rube's Farm.
Includes Curvy Barbie and those fun Slogger boots.

So there you have it folks,
just a few items I thought were well suited for Easter gift giving.
Grab it before it hops away, and have a happy day🐰

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