Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas from DIY Barbie Blog!

Dollhouse renovation update #5:
I bought a Gloria fireplace set on Ebay and it is spectacular, but ~huge~, 
more for a Barbie mansion, not a doll house😉

Well, thanks to my son's help here it is,
smaller and more to scale for this doll house😎
We used a wooden picture frame for the mantle and he cut the plastic insert to fit inside.
As time goes on I'll build it into it's permanent spot in the livingroom,
add some floor bricks for the hearth,
and some charred background bricks for seasons when we don't need a fire.

This house renovation is -s-l-o-w- going, but I'll pop in with periodic updates.

~Warm Christmas Wishes
from DIY Barbie Blog🎅

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