Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Quick Barbie Hair Mini Make-Over

It's rare that I'll pick-up a doll for the blog already knowing I'm not too fond of the look... The only exception, a new (not thrift store) made to move doll at a great price. While I love this one's pretty face, I've never cared for the bun on top of the head. But for less than $8, I added her to the group. It only took one pic, and I knew the bun had to go! I removed the rubber band, gently loosened and freed the hair, then slipped a band back up on her head like a headband. From there a toothpick helped separate some of the curls, and gave a ~smidge~ of a softer, more natural look. For my purposes, so much better!

Love-love-love that little corkscrew curl😎

Before and after:
My doll's bunn was ~much~ bigger than the Mattel pic on the left.
Far from perfect, but then again...
I am a beauty school dropout ladies and gentlemen😉
Just having a little fun and trying to give a doll a look I'm happier with.

Barbie says don't be afraid to change it up,
and have a happy day!


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