Monday, December 20, 2021

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Barbie's World at Walmart

I thought I'd snap a few pics while at Walmart yesterday. The Barbie isle had items, but was pretty well picked over. But as I walked around the store, I found a few fun things still available. I see a new (to me) doll, she's similar to Barbie but the head is a bit bigger. As I always say folks, people come in all shapes and sizes:@) The girl doll is about the same size as Kelly, and the best part, only costs $2.99. So she will be fun to add to pics going forward, and is a perfect stocking stuffer! The scale of the adult doll from this series does appear to be too big for Barbie's world.

Two big bins in the holiday displays on pallets they usually put in the middle of isles:

Speaking of those displays, the Mini Brands finally showed up...
I was surprised when I didn't see these bins for Black Friday:

In the seasonal gift isle I found some lip gloss sets:
(There were assorted other items in previous visits too.)

And there were a few Hallmark 2021 ornaments left:
(My pics were too blurry, these are from the Hallmark site.)

And if you're looking for an extra large gift this year...
They had lots of Dream Houses:

And some Dream Campers kids can drive around:

Just a few pics from a quick run through the store six days before Christmas.
If your Walmart is anything like mine,
they are still unloading trailers of items all day, everyday...
Who knows what might be there the next time I go🎅

🎄Happy Christmas Week Everyone-Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, I haven't been in the last week, hugging home until I absolutely need something!
    The mini-brands are interesting! Well, nice to see there are some new things, and your little Kenya is adorable! Hugs, Sandi


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