Monday, May 10, 2021

Barbie Party! Pretty Soft Sugar Cookies with Pink Jello Frosting

These Soft Sugar Cookies with Pink Jello Frosting (and colorful sprinkles of course:@) would be perfect for a girly-girl birthday party, or sleepover, or rainy Saturday... Or any day! I have to say I ~loved~ this frosting folks, so much fruity flavor and such a pretty color. My best tip, use sugar free Jello for the biggest burst of flavor and to be able to get the deepest color. I used Strawberry for these cookies. I've been infatuated with Jello for some reason (probably because it tastes great and is pretty economical), you can find my Pinterest Board with more Jello ideas and recipes here.
I have absolutely no doubt these cookies would be Barbie approved­čśÄ

~Make something just for fun and have a sweet day!

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