Saturday, May 8, 2021

Curled Ribbon Headband for Barbie (and your girl) -DIY

I've been to plenty of flea markets where folks have sold simple curled ribbon headbands, they are known by many names. In Barbie's world, they could be party headbands or princess headbands, but to me they are just fun headbands:@) Super simple, they only require the plastic ring from a bottle and some curling ribbon. The absolute best part, you can get a three pack of headbands at Dollar Tree and make matching ones for your girls too! Switch up the colors per party theme, team colors, outfit, or holiday, they really do come together pretty quickly folks.
Tank top and ice cream cone from a 97¢ Mattel Mystery Pack at Walmart.

What I did:
  1. Cut bottle ring off of bottle.
  2. Looking at it as a headband with cut on the bottom, start tying ribbon at the center top. Make the ribbon as long as you'd like, mine was about 18-24" long. I double knotted mine. Add as many rows as you'd like covering the bottle ring as you go. 
  3. You can leave it straight or curl it with scissors. I suggest lightly running the scissors down the ribbon so the curls aren't too tight. Most of the ones for girls leave long straight ribbon but then give the bottom 6-12" a light curl.
A pic of the back:
(Try to keep your curls looser than mine, 
or push the ribbon down straight and just curl the bottom inch or two.)

Barbie says this would be a great idea for the summer holidays,
help keep hair off your face in hot weather and show your patriotic colors at the same time😎

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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