Sunday, May 16, 2021

Barbie Dog Bath from Recycled Yogurt Container

We can either spend $20 on a Mattel branded dog bath play set or... Make our own from a recycled yogurt container:@) These are the type of crafts I like best, recycling trash into something fun that sparks imagination and doll play, perfect for a quiet weekend afternoon. I used a single serving Greek yogurt from Walmart and the container is a little deep. Solution, add something to the bottom that won't float. I had some glass pebbles from an old fish bowl and they worked great! They also added a little of that blue color we associate with water, a drop of food coloring works too. Other ideas, a small glass object, salt shaker, bowl, etc, or maybe a clean rock. My bubbles are literally from a bottle of bubbles. 

Over the years I've accumulated several Barbie dogs, most are itty lap dogs. 
It's nice to see Mattel including puppies that have some size in the latest playsets. 
This terrier type is from the foosball set and there's an even larger labrador retriever in the kettle grill set.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐶

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  1. What a fun idea. My now adult niece was into the vet play sets when she was younger. This would have been a great idea for the dog care line.

  2. Oh, that's the perfect size...such a cute photo, too! Sandi

  3. That is so adorable and such a great idea!


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