Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Skeleton Hand Halloween Seat for Barbie from $1 Decoration and Recycled K-Cups

This skeleton seat could be called a bench, couch, cot or chair. It's a fun piece of furniture for Barbie Halloween doll play. The scale also works well for other dolls and action figures. I started with a Dollar Tree plastic Halloween decoration and added three recycled k-cups as the base. It's simply held together with some hot glue and the k-cups could be decorated with anything desired, paint, stickers, glitter, tape, etc. I do suggest decorating them before gluing to the hand. 

I drew spider webs and spiders with a Sharpie.

This seat is big enough for two to three adult dolls or several kid dolls. 

The key to this quick project is finding the best spots to help balance the hand on the k-cups. Place the open ends down, you'll find that it rests nicely with one under the palm closer to the wrist, the rim of a k-cup placed in the bend of the knuckle of the index finger closest to the palm, and one centered under the ring finger knuckle closest to the palm.

~Make something just for a little eerie fun and have a happy day🎃

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  1. LOL, Schmoozing on a skeleton hand, how romantic. Very cute...I have to get to the dollar store sometime this week, for motivation...LOL. VERY cute! Sandi

    1. Every time I go I cross my fingers that an idea jumps out at me... Happy Hunting:@)


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