Saturday, September 26, 2020

One Sleeve Balloon Top for Barbie (or Curvy Barbie) -Two Options

I've been tickled by some pictures I've seen of tops that only have one sleeve. As I was sitting here it dawned on me that balloons would naturally provide that look... So I whipped up two tops, one with a second arm hole and one that's off the shoulder. Both only require a pair of scissors and minute of your time. This is another fun project for a girls sleepover, you can make a ton of tops from a $1 pack of balloons. As always, I do suggest you make a test top before you have a group of giggling girls looking at you in anticipation of dressing their dolls:@)

The off the shoulder version, which looks a little dressier:

And one with a scooped neck and second arm hole, a little sportier:

I believe I used 12" balloons, they measured 2 1/2" across the widest part uninflated. 
The blacked out parts are where I cut the balloons.
There's a lot of wiggle room here, the stretchy balloons help cover up most minor flaws.
Off the shoulder:

Two arm holes:


  1. I'm thinking two of these criss-cross and making a Donna Karan look top...amazing! Anything that is no sew is a real plus! Thanks, sandi!

    1. Silly craft, but I love that you can make a ton of things from one pack of balloons! Have fun:@)


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